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Darkness over the White House

Trump is rightly criticized by the old elites: trade sanctions against Russia and the EU, fire and fury against North Korea, and justification for white fascists. Generals have assumed power in the government alongside multi-millionaires. The coup in the Ukraine was staged by the US with $5 billion A state that appoints itself judge over subjects from other nations is illegal under international law.

By Conrad Schuhler

[This article published on August 20, 2017 is translated from the German on the Internet,  https://isw-muenchen.de.]

Trump is rightly criticized by the old elites - Trade sanctions against Russia and the EU - Fire and Fury against North Korea - Justification for White Fascists

Donald Trump drew the anger and fire of the political elites of his own country and western capitalist countries against these positions voiced in the election campaign. First, he wanted to conciliate with Russia. He would concentrate on fighting terrorism and not engineer any regime change as in Iraq and Libya. He rejected the regime change war in Syria. He turned against global free trade agreements like the TTIP negotiated with the EU and the Pacific agreement TPP. He threatened to take action against Wall Street and the rule of big money. With that, Trump set himself against the agenda of the US ruling elite in central questions. The "deep state," describing the effects of the secret services and the other violent state machines in the US over years, appears more or less openly under attack. The media outdo each other in negative reporting. Even broadcast stations like Fox often represented as Trump propaganda mediums, emphasize the negative aspects of his policies.

Trump has "corrected" his concepts deviating from the Establishment under the pressure of the political and media power system. Instead of introducing measures against Wall Street, former Goldman Sachs managers were nominated heads of departments and think tanks on economic- and financial policy and further deregulations of the financial sector and tax relief for the rich and corporations were pursued. Generals have assumed power in the US government alongside the multi-millionaires. The former general of the Marines, John Kelly, was appointed chief of staff in the White House, lieutenant general McMaster the national security advisor and general James Mattis the Defense Secretary. All three ex-generals are strident supporters of a militarist policy, extending the US war in Afghanistan and stronger US engagement in Syria. All three are acclaimed by the think tanks of the Democratic Party. The non-partisan consensus of party leaders of republicans and democrats is manifest in the thrust against Russia.

Trump signed the resolution "Countering America's Adversaries through Sanctions Act" - with sanctions against America's enemies. This was passed by Congress. Iran and North Korea are described there as "rogue states" and Russia is earmarked for punishment for interfering in "our democratic process." Iran and North Korea are labeled rogue states which previously functioned as an alibi for surprise military attacks and regime change. Iraq and Syria are examples. Imposing trade sanctions against Russia because of meddling in the "democratic process" of the US is sheer cynicism. Such interference in the processes in other countries is the goal of the CIA and the other violent machines of the US. Murder, manslaughter and terror were seen in the example of the murder of Chile's legitimate president Salvador Allende and the recent coup against the elected government in the Ukraine staged by the US government with around $5 billion. To say the US wanted to crack down with its "friends and allies against Russian subversion and destabilization" represents a total caving in to the anti-Russian smear campaign as pursued by the German government.

From time to time, Trump intensified his smear campaign against North Korea. First, he threatened the country with "fire, fury and power as the world has not seen." Then he announced that military solutions are "prepared, loaded and ready to fire." These obvious threats of war like Washington's threat of a surprise military attack on Venezuela were not criticized by western media and politicians. In Europe and particularly in Germany, the media and political elites were much more outraged that the US sanctions against Russia would affect the EU and German capital interests and not only Russian interests. The US threatened to impose sanctions on all persons and businesses involved in building, modernizing and servicing Russian export pipelines. A state that appoints itself judge over subjects from other nations is illegal under international law. This is always first striking to German politicians and businesses when they are negatively impacted.

The refractory Trump is not amenable enough for the global elites. A great chance resulted with Trump's disgusting defense of the murderous activities of racist, neo-Nazi hordes in Charlottesville, Virginia. In principle, the president said, the murdered victims were just as responsible as the murderers from the Nazi camps. The wheel of civilization has been turned backward, Der Spiegel warned. "Racists and rabble-rousers" have again become models of conduct.

Why is criticizing Trump as a right-wing extremist so hard for some leftists?

Some leftist journalists and media strikingly protect Trump again and again. German media are said to be very critical toward Trump. His Russia-friendly remarks are commended. His right-wing extremist Nazi-like attitudes are less respected. The reasons are obvious. It would be good for peace if the western superpowers took a cooperative attitude and rejected regime change wars. Therefore Trump's corresponding declarations were welcomed... Only the reactionary themes are left from the agenda of the election campaign: the confirmation of torture, building Guantanamo, killing the families of terrorists, calling anti-Islam crusades, intensifying hostilities against Iran and the de-control of the local and federal police. The Trump of today is neoliberal capitalism with military actions plus racism and "white hegemony."


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If you,,,, 21.Sep.2017 04:49

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

If you focus on Trump you've already missed the target of the proper left, the military industrial complex.

The Real Indy Left Is Not Anti-Trump 21.Sep.2017 14:49


The real Indy Left is anti-Soros.

We are not the CIA/Soros Indoctrinated Left.

We do not get support from billionaire Fascists!

As if Obama was a saint? 21.Sep.2017 18:08


Conrad Schuhler
Maybe Trump did say some disturbing things to the entrenched power brokers of the world but all Presidents say things slightly out of the box when they are campaigning. It's different when you're in office. I had no expectation Trump was going to act against the existing power structure.
The agitation with Russia, the Ukraine and Crimea began as an operation with the Obama administration and Trump now knows he can't stop that ball from rolling.
As for N. Korea. Do you honestly think Obama or any other President would be any less vitriolic about a small nation state we are at odds with having nuclear weapons?
If he managed to get trade sanctions against the EU, that would be a good thing, they are nothing but a tool to increase commerce and exploitation anyways - unless you think the mass dislocation of people in the world they are manipulating is a good thing.
Speaking of mass dislocations, the Obama regime with Hillary cutting the orders carpet bombed Libya, killed untold numbers of people and ignited a human crisis still ongoing - then the O'Hillary mass murderers justify it by importing conflict refugees and contributing to "diversity".

I could go on and on but the point is if you think there is some defining "line" between Obama and Trump you're really kidding yourself. Or for any other President for that matter. The band plays on regardless of whatever puppet is in office.

Get Strategic Hedge Simple Score Voting 21.Sep.2017 21:15


Not Agent Fake IRV!

Strategic Hedge Simple Score Voting!

So very simple, so obvious

Destrioys the IRV conspiracy!

Will Trump Destroy the Presidency? 22.Sep.2017 05:33



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