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Inspiring Documentary CHARLIE VS GOLIATH Coming to Portland!!!

Do you feel this country needs radical political change? Are you ready to be inspired? Don't miss the Oregon premiere of the inspiring new documentary film CHARLIE VS GOLIATH (www.charlievsgoliath.com), which is going to be screening at the Whitsell Auditorium inside the Portland Art Museum on Sept. 28 at 7pm.
CHARLIE VS GOLIATH is an inspiring documentary about a penniless former Catholic priest named Charlie Hardy who challenges the country's political establishment. Known as the "Bernie Sanders of Wyoming," Charlie spent 8 years living in a cardboard shack in Venezuela before returning to his home state to run for the US Senate while taking a stand against money in politics. Powerful and passionate, CHARLIE VS GOLIATH is an irresistible call to action to fight for what's right and a tool to galvanize people into action. Please see www.charlievsgoliath.com for more information.

Both Charlie and the film's director, award-winning documentary filmmaker Reed Lindsay, will be at the Portland screening and will participate in a post-screening Q and A!

homepage: homepage: http://www.charlievsgoliath.com