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F b i are Terminators and Predators

This post reveals the real life cyborg assassins who work for fbi
& who are armed with high tech weapons.
F b I are Terminators & Predators:

The modern day 'Terminators' are fbi/cia real life assassins who use ultra high technology to track,  watch, assault and murder their Targets. Often, we learn of suicide when the Target surrenders to the Terminators who are also horrific predators employed by the United States of America. 

When one of us discovers that we are the Target,  the initial response might be , " am I imagining this; how did this happen to me?"

After the shock subsides,  in my case I awoke to the reality that the fbi in a vendetta is in fact a terminator who seeks to kill or imprison me. 

The fact that the assaults are complex,  using DEW weaponry and extreme psychological attacks, the Target is generally unable to defend. After all, the enemy has extraterrestrial and invisible strength and attacks 24/7/365 for life. I have many times taken the photos of low level Terminators and they are not happy to see their faces on the internet. 

The Fbi Terminators sometime send their representatives in the flesh to follow and harass their victim. If the Target/victim responds aggressively,  a federal magistrate judge (fmj) may order the institutionalization of the Target.

So, some of us who yet survive in body and mind seek ways to terminate the Terminators for the benefit of all the world.

See my recent report on "fbi perpetrators of evil" for information on  how I identify and respond to their assaults on me;


Understand please that these fbi and cia Terminators are among the most psychopathic, cowardly, savage and repulsive humans ever to live on God's green earth. They come at me from all directions. They use the invisible high tech weapons and low minded thugs at the same time. They come up on my back and strike me, hoping that I will defend. I do not.

They send witnesses to observe my responses to their criminal assaults; they adjust their tracking device in my head so as to coordinate assaults by hoodlums at the precise moment that I enter or leave a pubic place; they also send mental health professionals to observe any response to their attacks,  and they use the all powerful fmj for any incarceration deemed appropriate.

These creatures posing as human beings are now killing and torturing people around the world. No one can stop them and no one even dare try. These are the fbi and cia murderers who enjoy federal jobs and benefits and who always hide their real employment from all, except from other perpetrators. 

So, one may understand why so many people and nations seek to harm US. The world now sees itself as a Target of these hideous human monsters.

Thank you for your attention. 

May Providence provide aid,  comfort and blessings to all who suffer & die under the ungodly, damnable and macabre  oppression of the United States of America. 

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