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Fbi assassins are revealed in their full, demented & evil character

This report focuses on MARY JOY MACKAY's to better understand the evil of our shadow government.
In chapter 40 of MARY JOY MACKAY 's book, "The Joy Thieves " the perpetrators (perps) of torture, forced suicide and assassination admit that their organization is highly organized, well funded, and coordinated with police and courts.

After all, as one perp states, we are here to "perform a public service" of * removing from society criminals who have escaped prosecution.


The confessions of the perp reflect the deranged mind of fbi psychopaths who have committed hundreds of felonies against me and have murdered (by transferred intent) others who came in contact with me.

So, Ms. MacKay provides a very useful tool for those of us who gather evidence of the deadly shadow government in USA who employ half wits, common criminals, career assassins and torturers, and reprobates unfit to function in this complex socio-economic environment.

Her book is very well researched and serves as a permanent reminder of the criminal regime that controls USA and that seeks to rule over all mankind.


In one of my confrontations with fbi perpetrators the perp admitted that they are all demonic.

perp says, We seek to drive our victims insane (often by 'gaslighting' them, or forcing them to commit a crime that will land them in prison.

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