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Mr. President...

This post reflects the widespread success of my efforts to expose crimes against humanity by fbi/cia.
The president tells the world in response to threats against USA by other nations that his objectives are:

Protect the American people, continue our prosperity and achieve accountability.

Well, Mr. President, the three objectives are not attainable as long as thugs and assassins working for USA are engaged globally in torture, mayhem and murder.

People everywhere read our documentaries about DEW attacks, gang stalking, forced suicide , mass imprisonment and murder, and other unspeakable crimes such as macabre human experimentation by fbi/cia and assorted other crimes against humanity.

Some of us have even appealed to you, to Congress and the courts for relief, but the attacks just get worse for our efforts.

So, on behalf of all people who are oppressed and killed or decimated by fbi/cia and company worldwide, I must remind the intelligent reader that...

1) who would submit to rule under any 'order' where deadly inhumanity and needless suffering abound at the direction of government officials

2) why would any sensitive and moral human being accept a government that claims to
" protect the American people and promises prosperity & accountability ", when the reality is that
A) a selective group of individuals targeted for termination are tortured and destroyed by sophisticated physical and psychological assaults

B) prosperity is meaningless when a person is deprived of liberty and fundamental human rights such as the right to life

C) the government disclaims all accountability for the psychopaths who sanction secret, covert, or clandestine 'kill' campaigns such as I and others prove

The work of all who are targeted for outrageous crimes by this government serves as a reminder, Mr. President, that you sir either do not know what you are talking about, or that you are a liar and a fraud on the world stage. Humanity cannot endure pervasive evil such as evinced by USA.


Thus, in any event I and my friends and associates are making history unprecedented on earth by informing all of the deceit and bloody treachery that characterize fbi/cia genocide programs everywhere.

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