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Words often do not sufficiently describe the evil around us, but I offer this.

As one considers the *25 most evil people in history...

...allow me to point out the following facts largely hidden from the world by media figures:

The fbi/cia and others now use the most destructive forces of nature to torture, maim and murder people everywhere.

After all, people on earth now form a global village where all the world's population is within the reach of satellite based & the highest technologically advanced and lethal weaponry ever developed by wicked minds.

The USA's intelligence community (i.e., fbi/cia et al.)
__manipulate laws by which to engage in crimes that shock the conscience
__seize control of the lives of people to conduct on them macabre human experimentation
__ torture by a variety of twisted scientific methods
__force the victims to commit suicide while being monitored,
__watch the human experimentees collapse in agony from the effects of attacks by bio- chemicals-viral and directed energy weaponry assaults

The fbi/cia make sport of their atrocities and often also turn family members against each other and engage in sophisticated mind games such as 'gaslighting' assaults 24/7/365 designed to drive people insane.

The fbi/cia also direct doctors, dentists, lawyers and judges to treat the Target as a rat, whereby medical doctors engage in torture & mayhem on the targeted patient, dentists play mind games upon and torture the fbi/cia victims; lawyers and judges team up to institutionalize, imprison and kill the hapless and completely abandoned victim.

These fbi/cia agents and operatives are mostly psychopathic and enjoy their work as torturers and murderers.
They believe that the lives of their victims are meaningless and that such victims have no right to live.

The horror stories of modern day victims of government atrocities as executed by fbi/cia continue to mount, even as such chronicles are ignored by the highest officials in the country and by media accessories to crimes against humanity.

So, please read about evil people throughout recorded history and realize that the names of fbi/cia special agents, operatives, assets, informants, street assassins and their high level directors and handlers must join in the list which number now in the thousands.

For more specific data see my thousands of reports on line, beginning with my diary entitled "My Story In Detail" with related links, my WRIT, and my reports at


"They routinely kill and imprison their own citizens, the incarceration rate of the United States of America is the highest in the world, they represent about 5 percent of the world's population and house around 25 percent of the world's prisoners."

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