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The Purse is Mightier than the Pen

The climate crisis is here now, but a compromised, corrupted media doesn't want to know. What is salient is not important. What is important is not salient.
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Trump, on the other hand - well, what did you expect? Climate change is a "con-job" and a "hoax", that was "created by and for the Chinese in order to make US manufacturing non-competitive". His platform reads like a love letter to the coal industry. Coal, it says, "is an abundant, clean, affordable, reliable domestic energy resource." He will defend the industry by rejecting the Paris agreement, stopping funds for the UN's climate change work, ditching Obama's clean power plan and forbidding the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon dioxide.

What's most alarming about the platform is that Trump didn't write it: the deranged and contradictory bluster of the Republican party leadership is a collective effort. But at least it clears something up. Though boasting of his great wealth and power, he poses as the friend of the common citizen and the enemy of corporate capital. On every significant issue in the platform, corporate capital wins. To read it is to discover where the land lies and where the lies land.

Incidentally, Trump's executives don't share his belief that climate change is a hoax. His golf resort in Ireland is seeking permission to build a wall - not to keep out Mexicans, but to defend his business from rising sea levels, erosion and storm surges caused, the application says, by global warming. If you can buy your way out of trouble, who cares about the other seven billion?

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Health care: a right or a commodity 27.Sep.2017 07:18


Education, housing, and health care become privileges not rights when they are only buckets of profits for profiteers.
What is public should remain public and not become objects of speculation. The exploding inequality requires countermeasures so everyone shares in the gains of productivity and technology and the wonder of modernity.

Health care: a right or a commodity


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