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9.11 investigation


Addresses 9/11 motivations and political landscape of Bush administration.
The affiliation of the Saudis and Bush's filtered down to the corruption of the port authority and new york city. In order to demolish 7 buildings, a series of demolition bonds would have been required. In Buffalo the demolition bond cost is $5000 (https://www.ci.buffalo.ny.us/Home/City_Departments/EDPIS/Inspections/Demolition). As soon as you put your name on that bond , all health problems resulting from it will be your liability. So the entire mess of concrete dust and steel was going to be the same whether a jet or no jet was used as a distraction. Whoever set the charges didn't want to be responsible for the very expected health problems they caused people without the proper identifying channel having nothing to do with Iraq ,Afghanistan , Pakistan or anywhere else. The Saudis furnished a crew, the Bush's eliminated their oil competition, and China got the oil contracts allegedly meant to bail out the US from war cost. So you can rightly expect that China was wanting some sugar on their buying treasury bonds into the future. FBI is shell for republicans. When Bush wanted to declare martial law and deputize the private sector, the militarization of police couldn't have been further a step of severe autocracy. The program of private sector miltiary deputization was called Infragard and is run under the FBI. While this Russia inquiry is run under Mueller, he's a long term loyalist republican as many at FBI are. Some say they combat terrorism of KKK effectively. That could also be said to be a public relations quality control. Groups like the Sovereign Citizens and other secessionists are much like Sarah Palin's husband. They might share right wing values but they don't want the organizational responsibility. We can see this same blissful planning without concern for the people in 9-11. To fly a plane is not as complicated as you might expect without any knowledge. With a mere GPS locator system. A portable device could be set on a plane instrument panel ; a three axis beacon locator.. and all that needs happen is zero in the course. Three 0s and crash into building quite easily. Saudis had just the kamikaze puppets for the job among their wahabi dolts. While its mixing continental identity, Wahabi/jihadism is a study of the Japanese success against USA and decided to form extremist groups for kamikazes of their own. The circle of blame comes down to investors, republican insiders, and 3)whether Larry Silverstein approached alternative political routes to reduce his liability to health lawsuits OR when hearing of the inquiry for the bonds who approached Silverstein to relieve him of the cost of the bonds and liability for the demolition. As part of George W Bush interest to revisit Iraq and kill Sadam; its not his USA presidency legacy. Its his business legacy with the Saudis to do them a favor among the oil market as Cheney's good pal. Obama was a muppet of banks and George W Bush getting the air for the White house was a caste of favors all at American residents and military expense. Any futher speculation on Daesh and Taliban allys are just inconsequential factors of radicalism needing new enemies. I choose to say united states foreign policy is incompetent with world policing Lets say you have two rival nations that keep fighting and fighting. It gets boring. Even for war itself its boring since they are similar types of warriors familiar with the terrain. Then big ol fat American comes in waving flags and choosing a side. The two rivals clap their hands for something new. Massive displays of power are interesting to nearly poor rifle and mortar suicide squads. They want to see more. they want more American money down there. By republicans own decision to be loud and stupid, the two rivals and many others now have a peripheral vision of that United states. The fun adventure of seeing new places. Sometimes you just have to let enemies be enemies for your own peoples safety. The longer you keep them looking at each other, they aren't looking anywhere else. thats why CIA and global policing is stupid. Only in the most severe matters of uneven warfare can outside maneuvers be made and only through an anonymous coalition NOT featuring their coolest war machinery.

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