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Malware Scourge Fact Assessment Board Presents Report

Aboard conquered warship USS Pueblo in the waters of Pyongyang, the Northīs freshly set up Cyber Operations, Machinations and Manipulations Institute of Examination released a statement on the malware scourge currently haunting a number of computer operation systems around the planet. Spokesperson Le Ba Nana of the Instituteīs Fact Assessment Board addressed journalists, scientists, representatives of social organisations and officials concerned with a report detailing on the backgrounds of the collateral surge of malware occurrences.
"In the sewing machine factory in Kwaesong Industrial Zone, a computer repair technician noticed that from one day to another, almost all systems took significantly more maintenance time than before. It coincided with a visit of a Canadian businessman who had offered a so-called win-win deal concerning patented needles as to enter the Western market with a synergy effect."

"The needles would have a built-in breaking point as to allow software in the machines to call the function, and after watching the presentation the local manager had rejected the offer on the ground of business model incompatibility. Such a function would only fit into an exploitation-centred business model. The other day computers controlling the production lines took more maintenance time."

"The repair technician applied for a working group, had it set up and found out that apparently nothing with the systems was wrong, except maybe of spam piles to be purged here or there, and also occasionally the time and date, which made the scheduling routine conclude it had to work up and caused the erroneous effort. How could clock data be wrong?"

"The systems were deliberately configured not to obtain it from the internet to prevent just that, but instead from United Nations time-zone-wide long wave atom clock signal cells operated by member states and their scientific institutions. They did indeed, but these signals can be spoofed as easily as a geostationary positioning feed in a drone hijacking. How could they be spoofed in Kwaesong Industrial Zone?"

"Quite a legitimate question, because any interference from a warship or killer satellite or the like could easily be tracked by national defence systems of either state independently, and each side or anyone else could easily defraud one but not both. Yet no big interference footprint could be spotted. Above the factory, there appeared to be blue sky."

"The working group figured out that although there was no malware in the slowed-down computers, it was in the internet routers they used, and it hijacked the cordless phones connected to them to locally supersede time zone signals. The malware was however designed to get at missile control systems and spoil launches there and its impact on the production of sewing machines was only a side-effect, collateral more in the sense of impact than of targeting."

"Gro Te Wol was dispatched with his working group and supervising a herd of investigators figured out that he was facing a warhead and that it meant that the enemy who had brought this about was using a technique known as the black block or multiple re-entry vehicle to any kid anywhere under a nuclear umbrella."

"In short, as to outmatch a missile defence system, a missile is packed with said vehicle which then in re-entering the thicker layers of the atmosphere splits up into an amount of decoy and a few warheads against which an one-by-one fight with anti-missiles is a tactical nightmare. The repair technician realised that somewhere out there in other computers there must be tons of decoy, that is malware pretending a purely criminal purpose, although it would make less money than auctioning off the skill if it was what it appeared to be."

"Samples of decoy were taken from the world market and indeed it turned out they were plagiarising from the same sources. And not only from what is crawling around out there but also from thought experiment constructs designed for the purpose to prove the pedagogic theory that scientific education would be better off without censuring, and therefore blocked from publication until the public recognition of the proof."

"In one case it was even plagiarised from a source which complained that a fire wall in rejecting an illegitimate access attempt would falsely address the misuser as superuser, which would produce irritating protocols. In short, if these sources had been adapted in their respective spirit there would be none of the current malware."

"Gro Te Wol had, after realising that he was on the verge of getting dragged into international affairs, laid down his mandate, and continues to maintain the computers in the sewing machine factory. The Institute of Examination took over the international affair and intends to raise your awareness that the multiple re-entry vehicle design of the recent malware scourge signifies that exactly the opposite is the case as suggested by the content and labelling of the decoy, namely that that it is not some grass roots greed crime but the package filling of a larger hate crime."

"For the missile defence engineer, it is a merely technical distinction whether it would be an enemyīs black block or a swarm of meteorites some of which would be too big for the atmosphere - our natural shield - to melt down before surface impact. You canīt knock several doors with one defence missile. Each bullet has only one hit. Outnumbering missile defence is stochastic."

"It may be interesting to know that Gro Te Wol laid down his mandate with a self-ironic remark that before he repaired computers he repaired ovens. When the law is being tightened on oven emissions, the most significant factor is the location of it, where the oven stands."

"It depends on topological factors of the landscape, so-called ventilation challenged areas, mostly natural bowls in the Earth surface if you will, and comes into effect when the climate puts the self-cleansing of the atmosphere temporarily out of business, and has been doing so for some time in a specific place, bringing about a local accumulation effect. Then, and only then, its operation direly requires to be restrained, which makes it a task to be done with computers."

"In a next step one could think of, letīs say, cars as mobile ovens with mobile computers. But what matters more is the computers themselves - they have loopholes because otherwise they would not be computers but conventional machinery. The most significant factor for vulnerability is the purpose the computer may be used for. And vulnerability becomes imminent when the workload puts the maintenance behind."

"Currently, there are still many who suffered some damage in their computers through the impact of the decoy, but they are not aware whom to address for compensation claims. On the other hand, no significant damage has been caused by the main purpose of the malware, at least not yet, and apparently no missile launches have been erroneously delayed, triggered or otherwise re-scheduled due to the calendar manipulations, although the collateral damage is vast as far as for example filing dates of business reports are concerned. Plus the smokescreen from all the criminal-looking malware duds."

"Of course the attack scheme is a bit childish, assuming that an opponentīs missile control systems would necessarily be based upon some derivatives of capitalist consumer electronics and hence could be attacked that way. And how would military infrastructure depend upon a civilian signal that may not be reliable where it matters? Even the mere possibility would put the signal source at increased risk of counter attack."

"Besides that, just giving such a blanket tactic a try because it might hit around a few corners is exactly like just giving a shooting spree a try because a target might be among the hit. But, as the blacklisted poet said, what is a shooting spree compared to a thermonuclear attack with a military-industrial complex?"

"According to Gro Te Wol, there are two kinds of people: First, people who have ideas that matter regardless how their implementations are designed, and second, people who have no idea, and all that matters with them is how they design their implementations of whatever idea may come to have them, that is creative and dumb people."

"The working group worked so well since it worked on the base of this everyday knowledge, because its initiator had found that this was essentially the same for ovens, sewing machines and computers. Gro Te Wol surrounded himself with wisely chosen people and carried the complete investigation of the self-maintenance irregularity all the way to the border."

"Gro Te Wol elaborated that there is a kind of design people who have no idea, which alone is not a charge, but take efforts to design other peopleīs ideas before they are actually ready for multiplication, like someone who would intend to decorate the bread before it has cooled down, instead of making good bread for all purposes. It cannot bring about anything else but nuts, in the best case, or in all worst ones, obstacles in other peopleīs workflow."

"I need to add that it is worthwhile to consider the perpetrators who spread the malware are not software experts. They are fraud racket criminals who have exploited software experts like anyone else. That is part of the explanation of their design frenzy, as elaborated in Das Kapital. But is also explains why computer software is merely one element in a broader attack on the free association of the free."

"Here in Korea, in the colonial half of our country, we have a precedent that explains why giving software exploits to mobsters is like giving hand grenades to children. I anonymise the case as it has been done in a marriage record administration software tutorial, where it is being called the prison guard dilemma. The prison guard dilemma is when the prison guard ceases to be a prison guard because the criminal regime is defeated and abolished and the prison guard escapes compensatory justice."

"Then this prison guard by definition never had been a prison guard. In case of an inheritance conflict among the tacit-denial-clad prison guardīs descendants, although abolition of the prison regime may appear to be a closed case, the front line between Abolition and stealth criminal habit may then run through the family, permanently irritating any kind of administration, and most of itself, of course."

"In the second grade of the prison guard dilemma there is a spy official dispatched to stalking and harassing the family, and willingly and knowingly misleading authorities which may already be in a state of bad governance because spies have misused the state giving it a bad name for honest applicants, and does not repent because it puts bureaucratic conspiracy above the purpose it speculates upon claiming to have been employed for in the first place; and speculates upon a major precedent of it inconsistency to go through by traumatic surprise of criminal character, and remains in shortcut deadlock relying on expectation to dry out any capable rival, and so forth."

"In the third grade of the prison guard dilemma there would be a doctor above the official enabling the post-defeat war crime, or echo of war crime, but in effect crime is crime; in the fourth a teacher above these, in the fifth a writer, the sixth a cleric and the seventh a religious leader. And while it is not unconditionally recommended in daily life, in this argument you may also substitute humans with machines, and the prison guard dilemma becomes a malware guard dilemma."

"In the precedent case from the South, the spy official did not take off the lid from its emergency eject button, as the seal proves. When Northern courts took over the case from the incapable Southern system, the spy official had already killed one member of the family. The judiciary remembered another case in which they had to decide whether a hijacked passenger plane may be shot down and ruled that it may only be done when the hijackers are killing passengers, because that indicates that they failed to defend themselves. So they decided, yes, an execution of the alpha decider is legitimate."

"But would it save the rest of the family, as to avoid losing contact with purpose and thereby emulate the spy, only to then emulating it even more by executing it by means of criminal assassination? With definitive certainty not. What is required to achieve this is to get the defunct authorities of the misused half to excrete treacherous officials who have forgotten their purpose and their responsibility chain."

"For these who are not aware, the executive authorities of our South are being led by a madman who prefers his own malware over a court order, as if he wanted access for illicit purposes. The next state of treacherous officials forgetting their purpose are treacherous officials preparing the apparatus to work without purpose. After all a computer is little but a bureaucracy of electrons, so any concept you employ to keep your workings tidy may be transferred. For example, in terms of game theory malware is like thumb tacks on a bike path only with code, the coincidence factor is intentionally marginal."

"Oh, by the way, as to the limits of the analogy, because it should never be forgotten, first of all in this field, that every analogy has its limits. While the malware can simply be deleted, the rogue official requires a special handling to neutralise it. Computer simulations may bring up that the purpose-forgetting spy would better be employed as a cuckoo clock safari guide to explain to customers how and why the cuckoo in the cuckoo clock house says cuckoo although it is not really a cuckoo. In case it totally disqualifies itself, tasks like this also require alternatives."

"What the Institute of Examination does is snafu, which is like kungfu or tofu or dreifu, only with computers. Or with projections of computers on the real world - but this is not a science theory lesson. For the purpose of this briefing it is sufficient to be aware that it means that all the computing technique ideas are in interdisciplinary connection. One such idea that greatly matters in malware extinction is that the use of the self-attributed name of the malware outside the computer is part of its damage function, as in commodity theory where the market name of a commodity - in capitalism they bear market and producer names, as if they were alive - already is cultural abuse."

"For example in North America when you enter a shop and say hello in a threatened Indian or European dialect, you will be served a package of this or that designer trash product bearing a name just similar enough to evade legal claims but still sufficient to manipulate a market into false associations. The same phenomenon can be found in computer malware, and it is an indicator signifying the likelihood at which a particular piece of malware may be collateral distraction brought about by an hierarchy of abuse glued together by nothing than a broken joke."

"For example, a particular malware is identifying itself as Dune Dotter, as to require a disambiguation page with regard to a yellow flower, but in fact it is programmed to introduce components of chemical drugs into seawater desalination factories by automatic placement of contractor hires and just-in-time deliveries into operations management systems."

"In our department this triggered a systematic research effort on the various kinds of abuses and exploits committed by the deliberate confusion of products and people under the death-bound ideology of capitalism. It found that the worst damage caused by market irritations was the one committed upon deceased scientists whose families had either died out or did not bring about any heirs who would or could carry on on the same level."

"In fact there was spotted such a thing as a dead scientists conspiracy, namely a cartel of monopoly-oriented corporations all bearing names of dead scientists without capable current caretakers, or closely bordering variations thereof, which is on track to replace the existing monopoly."

"This is relevant because the recent malware surge is an ingredient in this monopoly replacement - the malware is targeting the old monopoly in an apparent attempt to make room for replacement, while at the same time its naming function appears to be driven by replacement marketing efforts. This makes it very very likely that it was produced the way I described to you. In general, the more effort it takes to associate with propaganda slurs the more likely it is coming from the same side."

"There is no international scientific institution that would protect scientistīs names from posthumous abuse, not even if they received prestigious awards for their works. After patent privileges expire anyone can abuse their names. And by abuse I mean deliberate misuse for unsolicited purposes, not parallel use by another person bearing the same name and using it on their own merits."

"It is like blasphemy, you can legally pursue any blasphemy of any kind in any context, and no one may take offence, but if you harness blasphemy for a marketing effort, anyone should regardless whether this instance of commercial abuse touches them personally or not. Because if only the affected could protest, or they would have to protest by themselves, the naming element of the abuse would already take effect. This is zero hedge for dummies."

"I will close this report without taking questions. If you got any, you can ask them to the Southern girl who lost her mother due to a NSA malware attack on a clinic where she was in treatment. Despite the hospital later restored its records, that girl still fears to have her motherīs remains exhumed from the local mass grave to rest with her family. Or, ask them to the puppet official harassing that child."

Saturday, Aug 5th 2017