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Lisa Lindsey crisis

The following article is in regards to a disabled woman, name Lisa Lindsey who is in VERY, VERY, VERY dire straits. This is her story.
Lisa Lindsey

Hi everyone my name is Lisa Lindsey I am currently am homeless.

I got sick about7 years ago then 3 years ago I found out I have a brain tumor which happens a lot with seizure disorders amount a whole lot of others health problems.

I am currently in a crisis situation and I'm appealing to anyone for support.I have been homeless most of the time since my diagnosis.

I had waited 4 years for my social security I recently received a lump sum of 27,000 dollars in back pay benefits I was so thrilled to receive such money to support myself and follow my dreams of retuning to school online to start my two degrees and live a simple life in a fifth wheel that I would own and never worry about being homeless again.

Unfortunately this wasn't the case. I am a very loving caring and trustworthy person. I found out not everyone has the same heart. People who were my closest fiends took extreme advantage of me they got access to my belongings and stole anything that was worth anything including my first car that was bout with one of the first allotments I was living there paying rent when I received the lump sum I bought a car that was stolen I had only driven it about 5 times I didn't even have my plates yet.

I was fully covered not for theft or fire.I fell so devastated hurt and betrayed its a hard pill to swallow so called friends to advantage of a person with disabilities for their own selfish needs.

I know that some people can be very cruel and cold this is brutal beyond words I have no one to turn to except this page that a good friend of mine recommended.

Please if there are any good hearted people out there please support and donate to help me in my situation I had goals set for for getting a fifth wheel to live in and moving away to a quiet area so I can start on my degrees I will be taking online.

I really need to believe again that humanity still exists no matter how cold and dark this word can be. Thank you and God Bless you all

Love Lisa Lindsey

Please go to my go fund me page if you wish to support me in my current situation.