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Isn't it time for ACLU to stop protecting white supremicists?

Questioning "free speech" for armed white supremicists
In the name of upholding the US Constitution's First Amendment (protecting speech) the ACLU has consistently supported the expression of hate by groups that we now call the "alt-right". But, let's call them what they are: White Supremicists. Isn't it time to be outspoken and question any tacit agreements to neo-Nazi beliefs that the ACLU has provided? Isn't it time to stop this? When a group of armed thugs gathers to shout racial slurs and threatening language, this is no longer "speech" and should not be protected. in fact, a number of European countries & others around the world have outlawed hate speech & behavior, notably (and to no one's surprise) Germany.

We, the US left, the antifascists, the progressives, should also begin calling this what it is a stop thinking it allowable "Free Speech" & should be tolerated. In this regard, Mayor Wheeler was correct a few months ago when he questioned permitting for a rally of white supremicists who did ultimately gather downtown in front of the Federal Building. Wheeler was denounced at the time, but his instincts & consideration was absolutely correct. An armed group chanting hateful slogans is DIRECTLY & explicitly threatening to people's lives (Black, Latino, women, LGBTQ, non-Christians, etc) and they longer deserve to be protected & coddled by any of us.

Wow, an anti-ACLU post on Portland Indy 15.Aug.2017 20:28


how far we have come

"supremicists" [sic] - maybe u should read this 15.Aug.2017 22:40


National Socialist Party of America v. Village of Skokie
432 U.S. 43 (1977)
(also known as Smith v. Collin; sometimes referred to as the Skokie Affair),
is a United States Supreme Court case dealing with freedom of assembly.

Waldo Jaquith Resigned from ACLU 16.Aug.2017 03:45


Former board member of the Virginia chapter of the ACLU, Waldo Jaquith, resigned his position over the weekend.

no-absolutist interpretation of 1st Amerndment 16.Aug.2017 08:22


See the Free Expression Policy Project NYC): fepproject.org

"sexual & racial harassment, threats and false advertising are types of speech that do not, and should not, have First Amendment Protection".

It is already US law (constitutionally & through case law) that "threats" are not protected speech.

So White Supremacists carrying weapons & whose members beat a man and killed a woman & inured many others are simply expressing themselves politically? It's time to reject seeing murderous intent as freedom of "speech".