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The real fbi, in two parts

This report focuses on the real history of fun and on the murderous character of fbi agents.
Thank you Portland Indymedia.

My latest report follows  in 2 parts in the fbi assassins & traitors.

Part One:

Historical Considerations of fbi

The United States Government created a federal investigative unit in 1908, and in 1935 from that unit was born the fbi under the direction of a sinister and shadowy character named J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover's true, criminal and perverted nature can be seen today in the horrific and murderous agency that he formed, the federal bureau of investigation  (hereinafter referred to as the 'burro').

In 1945, I was born during the time that the burro was heavily embracing political and far right wing ideologies. In 1947, Hoover showed his true colors as an oppressive and treacherous chief of the burro, and  he gave unnatural life to the dark times called McCarthyism which caused tremendous social & cultural instability and caused great, unnecessary suffering for many Americans. These times offer a tiny glimpse of the true nature of the burro as an institution devoted to threats, torture, unbridled surveillance,  forced suicide while fbi victims are monitored by the burro and discreet assassinations.

At all times Hoover's sick personal life was kept secret because he was a sexual pervert and a consumer of his own porno movies which he obtained from his agents. He also reveled in reports and photos of mayhem and murder.

Hoover's fbi evolved into a global MAFIA as a result of the unfettered authority, power and financial resources provided. Today, the fbi has close to 75 offices spread around the world and, like its twin evil sister cia, has countless operatives,  informants, assets, street thugs and supporters everywhere the burro is active globally. The burro trains or otherwise programs all police in USA and in other countries as killers.Thailand, for example, is controlled and instructed  at will by fbi/cia. For more information on today's burro as MAFIA, see a sampling of my insights into the burro at:

In 1963, I graduated high school and from 1966-1968, I served in the U.S. ARMY, including in combat in Vietnam (and later as a musician in the 264 Army Band, Pacific, Hawaii). In 1971 Hoover himself hired me and my study of the effects that the burro has in society began. For information on my high school years and my work in the burro see:


History book:

After I was unlawfully  forced to resign, the burro in revenge  turned my life into a true horror story the details of which are contained in many of my documentaries online. Indeed,  the methods and practices of the burro's torture and attempted murder of my person for the past 30 years are so repulsive that I am at once grieved to recall them and embarrassed to report that my country allows burro atrocities.

See one of my reports here:


Note that the burro harassed me during my law school years and  also  tried to suffocate me when I came out of surgery for a service connected injury; and incredibly the burro in its vendetta came online as a part of their smear campaign and wrote that, as I served in combat in Vietnam,  I am a murderer and a possible mass murderer.

I began to realize from the burro's high crimes against me (including sophisticated psychological and physical assaults) that the burro actually forces their victims to become neurotic, or criminal. Probably the burro creates and transforms whatever type of criminal that they choose from innocent Targets of clandestine operations.

The fbi attacks me and many others with DEW weaponry and at the same time turns police and the general population into accessories to torture, felonious assaults and multiple attempts at murder (including forced suicides). SCOTUS & CONGRESS are among the burro's accessories.

Finally, consider my articles, papers, WRIT and posts on how the fbi/cia traitors have thoroughly infected and subverted the judiciary, congress & executive branch (and administrative departments of this government tripartite.)

My interest today: destroy fbi/cia as they exist because the fbi and cia are today the equivalent of sovereign state terrorists unanswerable to the people

Part Two:

Controlled Media Worship & Defend fbi Murderers

Understand the sick, twisted & criminal minds of the fbi special agents (including SACs) in the various offices who tortured and tried to kill me on several occasions.

These men and women and their chiefs in WDC, VA, COLORADO, etc., are  more depraved than most of the dangerous convicts locked up in prisons across the USA.  Some of the SACs are trained terrorists who have a long and secret history of engaging in torture,mayhem and murder.

So, someday when the fog of * media corruption lifts, the horrible crimes committed by fbi must be made known. My suffering at the hands of fbi traitors, though extremely painful, is negligible compared to the ugly and truly hideous atrocities committed against our people  by fbi psychopaths over the past century.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer under the murderous oppression of fbi/Police everywhere.


Fbi history:

* See absurd order to me from Towers Productions:


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