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All over a century old moldy green statue?

So some local politician decides to show how re-electable he is and ordered the town to tear down a Civil War statue.

the KKK and Neo Nazis show up to protest. Get a permit, the town denies the permit, and a federal judge overrides the town.

BLM and Black Bloc show up to counter protest, fights break out.

Two cops crash their helicopter and are killed.

Finally one idiot Nazis terrorist who isn't old enough to legally drink plows his car into to the crowd of counter protesters. Killing one.

RE "plows his car" Here's how he could afford a Dodge Challenger 13.Aug.2017 13:21

just f'yall's i

"isn't old enough to legally drink"
he's 20 yrs old and has a late-model Challenger, while his widowed paraplegic mom lets him live at home?


Meanwhile, an uncle, under the condition of anonymity, told The Washington Post that Fields' mom had raised Fields alone as a single mom after his dad died. She's a paraplegic, his uncle said.

Fields' father was killed by a drunk driver just a few months after he was born, an uncle told The Washington Post. His father left Fields money that his uncle had kept in a trust until Fields was 18.

"When he turned 18, he demanded his money, and that was the last I had any contact with him."

just f'yall's i 13.Aug.2017 15:37


thanks for the info. I couldn't figure how how he could afford the car..

Now I know besides being a idiot infantile racist, he is also a spoiled trust fund baby.

James Alex Fields Army dropout on anti-psychotic medications 13.Aug.2017 20:31


Fields freaked out the faculty at his high school in suburban Union, Ky., by spewing white-supremacist beliefs, one of his history teachers said Sunday.

"He was basically espousing, you know, Nazi-type ideals," Randall K. Cooper HS teacher Derek Weimer told Cincinnati TV station WCPO. "It was very alarming."

Weimer, who taught Fields as both a junior and senior, also recalled him turning in a deeply researched paper that was essentially a "big lovefest for the German military and the Waffen-SS."

Weimer told The Washington Post he tried in vain to steer Fields away from his "fascination with Nazism" and "big idolatry of Adolf Hitler."

"This was something that was growing in him," Weimer said. "I admit I failed. I tried my best."

A former classmate said Fields' racism dated back even further, recalling repeated incidents at Ockerman MS in Florence, Ky., where "he would scream obscenities, whether it be about Hitler or racial slurs."

Caitlin Robinson told The New York Times that Fields who stood among a group of Nazi-inspired fascists before Saturday's fatal crash was "exceptionally odd and an outcast to be sure."

"He wasn't afraid to make you feel unsafe," Robinson said.

Fields' mom, Samantha Bloom, posted to Facebook on Aug. 17, 2015, that her son "just left for boot camp," and military records show he entered the Army on Aug. 18, 2015, according to the Times.

But his active duty ended on Dec. 11 that same year, for reasons that weren't immediately clear.

Bloom was holed up in her home Sunday and refused interview requests.

Fields' military records conflict with the recollection of Weimer, who said he was rejected by the military due to a history of mental illness.

"Senior year, he was real gung-ho on joining the Army and . . . toward the end of the year found out that he was denied and it was because of a history of anti-psychotic, you know, medication that was prescribed," he said.

Getting very BOLD 15.Aug.2017 19:19


White terrorists and racist thugs are running lose like wild rabid animals. The police do nothing, and neither do our so-called "leaders". Seems the ONLY way to deal with the terrorist threat is by fighting fire with FIRE. If anyone has a better idea, I'm all ears.

RE: "The police do nothing" 18.Aug.2017 00:43


"do nothing"
isn't that their entire job description, in a nutshell?

The police do nothing about _anything_ . Ask yourself, what is the point of having police, or "calling the police"?

What could they possibly in 10 million years, or have police ever, done _for_ you?

what indeed is the purpose, of 'police'?