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Proof of the JBLM Illegal Spy Database - Here's the URL

The JBLM Force Protection Division is publishing daily reports about American citizens to INTELINK, a United States Intelligence Community Database. THIS IS MORE PROOF OF ILLEGAL SPYING ON AMERICAN CITIZENS BY JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD
If there is nothing to the whole military spying on American citizens thing... then why is the JBLM Force Protection Division publishing daily reports to a United States Intelligence Community Database? Just what kind of information does an agency that is supposed to be maintaining the physical security of JBLM need to share with the United States Intelligence Community on a daily basis?

This URL clearly shows who (Daniel L. Vessels) and what (JBLM Force Protection Division Daily Reports) is being published there...

Daniel L. Vessels is the deputy chief (under Thomas R. Rudd) of the JBLM Force Protection Division, the agency accused in the lawsuit (Panagacos v. Towery -  https://aclu-wa.org/cases/panagacos-v-towery) of violating the civil rights of hundreds of Americans by conducting an intensive, invasive, and illegal intelligence-gathering operation against people involved in political protest in Washington and Oregon.

The court case clearly showed that the JBLM Force Protection Division was (and obviously still is):

* illegally collecting and disseminating information about non-military-affiliated civilians
* illegally conducting electronic monitoring of social media accounts of non-military-affiliated civilians
* illegally entering email groups to gather information about political activities protected by the First Amendment
* illegally targeting political groups in Washington, listing their activities in intelligence databases and falsely describing their social and political activities as dangerous protests and a threat to the community

In order to access this United States Intelligence Community Database "INTELINK" (if you follow the URL above) you are required to provide a "Valid PKI Certificate" (a government ID card) or a user name and password to gain access. While this is common enough for many government web-sites, it does bring up the question as to what type of information the JBLM Force Protection Division needs to post to a United States Intelligence Community Database on a daily basis.

Could it be the same type of illegal collection and dissemination of information about American citizens that they have been guilty of for many years?

So what can you do? First be aware that JBLM is illegally spying on you, tracking your political and social activities, and sharing reports of your activities with other agencies - likely in the reports they publish every day to the United States Intelligence Community Database "INTELINK".

Next FOIA the shit out of this thing. Demand copies of everything published there by the JBLM Force Protection Division and the name and identification of every person who has access to those reports. - MAKE PUBLIC EVERY THING THAT YOU RECEIVE, AND APPEAL EVERY REQUEST THAT IS DENIED.

Contact the JBLM Commander through his online comments page  https://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=card&s=957&sp=121425&dep=*DoD and demand that the illegal activities of the JBLM Force Protection Division be investigated and that men like Thomas R. Rudd and Daniel L. Vessels be held personally accountable for their violation of our civil rights.

File a complaint with the DOD Inspector General here  http://www.dodig.mil/Hotline/filing_info.html. Demand an investigation into the illegal activities of the JBLM Force Protection Division.

Contact Daniel L. Vessels directly and demand that he immediately stop is illegal activities and that he resign from government service. His email address is  daniel.l.vessels.civ@mail.mil. His office phone number is 253-966-7319, and his government cellphone is 253-320-0271. His home address is 17606 120th Ave SE, Yelm, WA 98597. His Facebook is  https://www.facebook.com/manchu7. His Twitter is  https://twitter.com/manchu7. Let him know that you are watching, recording, and reporting all of his illegal activities.

Contact the people that Daniel L. Vessels is illegaly sharing your personal information with, and demand that they stop communicating with him. Anyone who continues to accept or access his illegally collected information should be considered part of his illegal activities and legitimate targets for future lawsuits and complaints to oversight agencies. Here is the list of people being provided information from illegal collection activities by the JBLM Force Protection Division -  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2017/04/434542.shtml We got this list of names from an email sent by Daniel L. Vessels himself, so there is no question that these people are receiving his illegally collected information about American citizens.

As long as the JBLM Force Protection Division continues to exist, and as long as they continue to violate our civil rights, our fight for justice will never end. Join us in our fight.