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Star Is A Star

at the den of sulfur
Today, 7/19/2017 Ms. Star Stauffer addressed the 5 deceivers and told them that they must reign in their police bureau.  She also noted that the mayor was absent along with commissioner fritz.  The question for me is where are they and what gives them the right to miss a council meeting without explanation?  There are good reasons to miss a meeting but the absence should be explained by the presiding official.  The lack of respect to the constituents by this council is stunning.

Star ended her presentation by calling out "Black Lives Matter," the Presiding Official, EuDaly once again showed her deep concern about police accountability by throwing out Star and also, without warning, throwing out Mimi German.  We have no accountability with our cops, they are out of control and will do what they want, not what the law or regulations tell them they must do.  There is an explosion coming and no warnings are being heard, the 5 deceivers will sit and let it happen.  We have a chance to get rid of two commissioners this coming election, will Portland be smart and start the process or wait for the explosion and wonder what happened; should be interesting.        

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