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Aussie National Murdered By Cop in Minneapolis

Minnesota police terrorists strike again.

On Saturday July 15th 2017, a woman in Minneapolis had called 911 to report a possible disturbance outside her home. When two cops arrived, they shot her dead. The woman has been identified as 40 year old Justine Ruszczyk-Damond, an Australian national who had moved to the U.S. to be with her fiance`, Don Damond. The two were scheduled to get hitched in August this year. The pig directly responsible for Damond's murder has been identified as officer 31 year old Mohamed Noor, accompanied by partner officer Matthew Harrity. Noor and Harrity are both gang members of the Minneapolis Police Gestapo (MPG). According to various reports, Damond called 911 around 11:30 Saturday night to report either a "disturbance" or possible assault in an alleyway behind her home. Shortly afterwards, Noor and Harrity respond. At some point Noor shoots Damond, killing her. Both cops were reportedly still in their police cruiser when Damond was shot.
At the time of this entry, there isn't much more known about this case. The Minneapolis Terrorist Police regime has [so far] been slow and scant on details/incriminating evidence. Both cops had been equipped with body cameras - but they turned off at the time. Damond was apparently alone at the time of her death. Damond's [former] husband-to-be, the couple's shared family, the mayor of Minneapolis, local police accountability activists, the Australian govt., and the general public are all demanding answers. Pigs Noor and Harrity have both been placed on paid vacation, of course. Meanwhile, an internal investigation is underway to try and figure out why responding cop's body cams were not turned on, what prompted Noor to gun down Damond, and whether any video/audio recording of the deadly police encounter exists at all.

Justine Damond's death comes a month after a Saint Anthony pig was acquitted of having murdered another MINN resident. On June 16th 2017, disgraced pig Jeronimo Yanez was found "not guilty" in the 2016 execution of Black motorist Philando Castile. The Aussie woman's death also took place just under a month after Seattle woman was gunned down after calling 911. On June 18th Charleena Lyles was murdered by Seattle pig Jason Anderson, after Lyles had called 911 to report a possible burglary.

This latest act of police terrorism out of MINN stands out for the obvious reasons: the victim is White and the killer cop is Black. Furthermore, both are immigrants: in addition to Damond being Australian, Noor is of Somali origin. He has reportedly been in the U.S. since he was a very young child. So, it'll be very interesting how this one plays out. Will Noor end up getting away with murder, like all his other fellow police comrades? Will a MINN grand jury indict him at all? Or, will he be thrown completely under the bus and made an example of like no cop ever has before? The racial politics involved are impossible to ignore, so we shall see...

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