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Donald "Tweety Turd" Trump

Donald J. Trump -- A Connoisseur Of Whine
Does this Imbecile have anything better to do with his life than to constantly send out asinine tweets?
Donald Trump and administration -- BULL WRITERS!

Trump, family, administration, and associates are guilty of collusion with his Idol, Vladimir Putin, in rigging the 2016
election in his favour, and thus ALL are guilty of treason and sedition -- keep plenty of cells open for these traitors
in federal prisons.

Donald J. Trump, all of his children,{the apples do not fall far from the tree}, his entire administration, and other associates
have worked with Putin so that Trump could impose his dictatorship on America. Trump, under the direction of Putin, is destroying NATO, the world economy, and Trump will only drag the U.S. down into the cesspool with him.

Trump should also keep in mind of what happened to one of hos IDOLS, Mussolini. There are lampposts in the U.S. Too!

Yes, Trump is an ass but... 17.Jul.2017 13:02


The US is a country mired in the cesspool from it's inception, I would argue that about all countries. Obama wallowed in it as much as anyone. This focus on Trump is a distraction from the reality that the very existence of our destructive civilization is the problem. Trump is simply executing the policies of the uber rich, an exclusive club that he is a member of, so he's not getting paid off to do it, he's doing it because it's in his personal interest to do so. Obama was getting paid off, as were the Clintons. This nonsense about collusion with Russia is just two political parties jostling with each other, as they always do. I mean please, how would the Soviets even be able to interfere with our elections, and what purpose would it serve anyways? Presidents come and go but imperialistic US policy remains basically the same regardless, the Soviets actually understand that whereas we focus on individuals and away from entities. Maybe Trump jr. had a meaningless conversation with someone but it had no effect on anything, just a media constructed charade to keep the masses entertained.

RE: "Trump is simply executing the policies of the uber rich" — 13.Aug.2017 13:03

you serious, Clark?

Donald Trump's Unique Human Decency On Iraq
by John V. Walsh / October 15th, 2016

From a humanitarian standpoint, the content of Trump's condemnation of the war is outstanding. In fact, to grieve over the lives of Americans but not the people of Iraq is a form of racism. Trump is virtually unique among major politicians in taking this stand on the lives of innocents the US has attacked. He should be praised for it.

As election day approaches, it is time to ignore the noise of the moment and think clearly about the crucial issues facing us, none of which is more important than war or peace. The War on Iraq has been a touchstone for these issues over the last 14 years.

On Iraq, Clinton and her operatives have sought to avoid at all costs an accurate comparison of her position over the last 14 years to Trump's. "What did Trump say?" has been buried by the Clintonites and company. "When did he say it?" has been slyly substituted for it. The time line has been used to equate the positions of Hillary the most notorious of hawks with that of Trump.

Let us have a look at Trump's words as well as the dates they were uttered. And compare them to Hillary's:



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And (from 3½ years ago) isn't this Ironic? ...

Friday, January 31, 2014
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