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Video: After Words with Naomi Klein, 57 min

Trump follows the traditional rules of branding, not the traditional rules of politics.
Absolute power through wealth is his principle or ideology. The table was set for Trump by the media and bipartisan politics with the "Millionaire Savior Complex." The transfer of wealth is so skewed in this society as shown in bailing out the banks. Trump merges the Trump business with the government.Cutting the corporate tax to 15% and ending the inheritance tax helps the rich.
Video: After Words with Naomi Klein
June 15, 2017 c-span.org, 57 min


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... watched it 18.Jul.2017 00:31

Joe Anybody

This is a good video - Naomi Klein is interviewed by Medea Benjamin !!

yeah I also watched it 13.Aug.2017 15:13


I'm not fully on board, ideologically, with Naomi Klein (fwiw personally lean more towards Naomi Wolf) but this seemed to be a conversation with two typical 'social justice warriors' i.e. interviewer Medea Benjamin. This interview centered around her new book seemed to be indistinct and (while perhaps 'inspiring' to some) identifying little any of us don't already know in toto.

she's obviously an expert on corporate branding, how the post-Reagan era U.S. corporate mass media has turned into 'Idiocracy'-for-real etc. Also expresses doubt about long term outcome Trump's anti-TPP/NAFTA stance. And of course these points are well taken.

But in terms of ideological strategy of the left post-9/11, they re-hashed most of the race-conscious / identity politics angle. See her discussion of Standing Rock (yeah of course she mentioned Winona LaDuke, but...) demonstrations as primarily an "environmental racism" struggle .... which it is, but that can't possibly be the primary stance for leverage and-or 'victory' / actually accomplishing a result, on stopping such a crucially important pipeline project to the petrochemical industry.

There was a lot of mushy talk about post-Katrina, Occupy, Bernie Sanders etc. but much of this is "let's hope for the best" inconclusive, about what to actually _do_ about the Trump administration and/or issues of wealth inequality, class consciousness, "social justice" (whatever the ***k that is supposed to mean, anymore) etc.


regarding the "fight for justice" left activism overall strategy,

'privilege checking', Identity Politics obsession with 'race' / WNs / 'Nazis' 18.Jun.2017 11:04