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Fbi=Enemy of the people and especially veterans

See evidence of fbi crimes against this veteran with assistance of Congress & SCOTUS.
GERAL SOSBEE,  Vietnam 1967
GERAL SOSBEE, Vietnam 1967
Corrupt Government Officials

Over a period of about half century the fbi has performed feverishly to silence, imprison, drive insane or kill me. The fbi's dirty tricks include extreme psychological assaults as I have documented in hundreds of reports. Many of my former associates in fbi are alive today and can verify these remarks. Speak to T.C. BROCK and BROOK ROBERTS.

The fbi examines every aspect of my life in order to jeopardize it; they prevent me from practicing my profession and through calumny the fbi sends police and bands of hoodlums & neighbors to terrorize me. So, understand that anyone, not just this combat veteran, is vulnerable to fbi attacks.

As I served in Vietnam, the fbi also seeks to provoke responses to their sneaky assaults. For example, the fbi sends their thugs into public places in order to physically assault me from all sides. I have documented with police some such assaults. Fbi operatives come online to announce that "GERAL SOSBEE served in combat and is therefore a murderer and a possible mass murderer". Fbi also uses secret military DEW 24/7/365 to slowly kill or incapacitate me and other targets.

Aside from fbi's assassination program, their attacks to drive the Target insane, or to set him up for imprisonment are in my opinion monstrous and inhumane. But for the fbi all such efforts are SOP in COINTELPRO.

Fbi are experts in producing/inducing stress to kill Targets discreetly. When murder fails the fbi seeks to imprison or force their Target into final exit.

 link to www.militarywithptsd.org

Many veterans "...have a quick reaction to sudden movement and noises and almost always stay on guard and where we can see an entire room. The way I explained it to my wife why she couldn't sneak up behind me or touch me unexpectedly was like this, hopefully you will be able to understand this way too. "

See my documentary at


for my reports to VA with evidence of mind games by fbi and a M.D. in efforts to cause stress, or to imprison me. Also, see my report on corrupt and deranged cops who seek to help fbi fraudulently imprison me. Note names such as USPI KNIPFING , Texas DPS RODRIGUEZ, UT COPS WILSON & BLEIER and detective Adrian Posada.


Now, in conclusion understand that Congress and SCOTUS (and all other courts) support or give their imprimatur to all fbi atrocities.

All of our people should be apprised of the awful mess created in society and in government by fbi homicidal psychopaths.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com

GERAL SOSBEE Opens Pandora's Box of fbi Atrocities 16.Jul.2017 17:10

Geral gsosbee@gmail.com

Unintentionally, I opened almost a half century ago a veritable Pandora's Box of fbi atrocities when I began to study pervasive corruption, fraud and criminality of fbi. The fbi, federal courts, U.S. Attorney, police et al., try to this moment to close it. They know that if they fail to close the box their evil deeds are forever exposed.