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Crimes by fbi legalized by public policy

This report should prompt all of our people to re-examine the function of fbi in this world.
Fbi agents often send me messages that they, not the general public, define 'right & wrong' in society and further that the fbi is proud of its ability to convict our people and to set individuals up for criminal and civil prosecution. After all, the creation and processing of offenses is 'what they do'.
Here is my report frequently referenced by fbi assassins in their messages to me:

The fbi, however, personifies in most of their so called investigations wrongful conduct including all referenced in my affidavits 2007, 2014 and these additional crimes actually committed by fbi and hidden by media, Congress and courts: torture, forced suicide, murder, false or wrongful imprisonment, blackmail, mind manipulation of the public and many other high & treasonous crimes.

Those who benefit most from fbi's atrocities are the rich, the ruling class, doctors in all fields and politicians.
Thus, the fbi's illegal and new CJS is now made legal by public policy; this fact should cause all people pause.

Thank you and may Providence give aid, comfort, protection and blessing to all who are oppressed, imprisoned, tortured by fbi's secret DEW attacks, and murdered by the lowest form of human being ever to inhabit God's green earth: the federal 'burro' of investigation, i.e. the fbi.

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