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Back To Court For This Old Guy

Off to see the judge
7/12/2017 I will have to go to court on the strange charge of "Harassment." I will plea not guilty and demand a jury trial, and do it pro se. I will not pay any fines and expect to go to jail for a time if found guilty. The harassment 166.065 is a new one that they are trying out, we shall see. I will have to go to the "Injustice center Ct 1 at 1:00PM to see the judge. If you are free and want to see me fight with lawyers and the judge come and sit with me. This has to do with city hall shit. This is the one they called me a week later and ordered or strongly suggested I come and surrender or they would come and get me.

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

Good Luck to you Sir! 04.Jul.2017 10:36

Tracy Mapes

Mention the 1st Amendment and why it comes first.  https://youtu.be/xhZk8ronces

Just don't make any internet meme-GIFs with the City's official logo 04.Jul.2017 21:59


N.B. the former Redditor who got blackmailed ("we'll keep his identity secret until further notice"...) by CNN about the Trump-wrestling cartoon animated GIF he created

p.s. look what happened to the last Redditor who got doxxed : Seth Rich

#SethRich COMPLETE TIMELINE - All The Facts In One Place

DNC Affiliates Increase Involvement In Seth Rich Case After Wheeler Claims

Wondering what happened in court 14.Jul.2017 11:38

Joe Anybody

Hey Lone Vet
How did the court hearing go?


Court Case 21.Jul.2017 19:04

Lone Vet

all charge dropped---AGAIN