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TeRF Fest: Silent Invasions of Cascadia by Alt-Feminism

After the demise of Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, TERFs chose Cascadia as their new home of extremist hate ideology.
Thanks to decades of struggles by Trans* community and its allies, Michigan Womyn's Music Festival was dismantled two years ago. Like a hydra with its head cut off, however, this led to formations of several Sons of MichFest. The Trans* Exterminationist Radical Feminism (TERF), better termed Alt-Feminism, deplorably chose our Cascadia as their new home for their hate festivals.

This month Womyn's Liberation Front (WoLF), an affiliate of the "anti-civ" ecoterrorist organization Deep Green Resistance (DGR), is holding WoLF Fest (should be known as TeRF Fest) in an undisclosed wilderness in northernmost California just a few miles from Brookings, Oregon. As if this isn't enough, another TERF festival called "OreGaia" will be held in Estacada, Oregon just three weeks after TeRF Fest, at a TERF compound called WeMoon Land.

In this Trump Era, TERF are happy to sacrifice Trans* women and Gender Non Conforming folks on the altar of Trumpism. While Donald Trump and his minions are busy eliminating and revoking precious little human rights protections for Trans* and GNC folks, TERF are actively collaborating with the alt-right and far-right in pushing for the anti-Trans* initiative in the State of Washington and even appearing on far-right media and assemblies as self-appointed experts on women's issues. Yet, in this year, deadly hate crimes against Trans* and GNC people have skyrocketed thanks to a renewed sense of entitlement by the heterosexist, transmisogynist, and homophobic forces.

Instead of fighting Trump and the Republican Party, TERF collude with them despite the fact that doing so will ultimately undermine their own interests (reproductive freedom, lesbian rights, freedom from gender norms).

We of the Portland Anti-TERF/SWERF Action Team (PATSAT) once again strongly condemn in unequivocal terms the actions of TERF organizations such as the promoters of "OreGaia", "TeRF Fest", and other womb-worshipping cultists. "Festivals" such as "OreGaia" and "TeRF Fest" function as indoctrination ("consciousness raising") and training camps to turn unsuspecting AFAB individuals into anti-Trans* activists and footsoldiers. They celebrate the victory of Donald Trump as his presidency would serve their single-issue agenda: a complete, total destruction of Trans* and GNC people as well as of sex workers (they're also SWERF). Both festivals are cut from the exact same cloth as Michfest, with its primary focus on exclusion and eradication of Trans* women and femme-of-center GNC/non-binary individuals.

Any AFAB people who may be contemplating on attending either or both of these events must take note that these are not some innocuous music festivals; they are political rallies of extremist far-right disguised as "feminists" and "lesbians." By attending these festivals and spending your hard-earned money there, you are directly financing terrorist hate organizations whose aim is nothing short of a genocide. We are watching you. Alt-feminism like alt-right has no place in an enlightened society.


DGR (parent organization of WoLF) publicly advocates for terrorism:  http://www.groundedinfact.com/blog/2017/5/3/pressing-for-ecoterrorism
DGR in one of the founders' own words:  https://youtu.be/i3cK71X_8AE
Alt-feminism and alt-right are strikingly similar in rhetoric:  https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2017/07/missouri-republican-compares-transgender-people-isis/
Womyn's Liberation Front (WoLF) financed far-right anti-LGBTQA2IP+, anti-abortion organizations:  link to transadvocate.com
TERF encourages violence against Trans* women while calling for "morally mandating transgenders out of existence":  http://theterfs.com/

homepage: homepage: http://theterfs.com

About your scare-tactics... 04.Jul.2017 03:39


"EcoTerrorism", especially when invoked in such a hyperbolic, damning manner, is a glaring red flag. If you believe in, and promote the myth of so-called "eco-terrorism", then at the very least you are and ignorant shill. At worst, you are a sinister paid informant for some govt. agency!

We'reTERF Land is cyber-panhandling now 08.Jul.2017 23:11


TERF's are desperately trying to get their We'reTERF Land (AKA We'Moonie Land) repaired because what a surprise ambulance and fire engines can't get there apparently! TERF's are illegally camping on this piece of land and having lesbian orgies under the Moon.

The real gem, though is we can see who support TERF's and by association ARE TERF's. If you have any dealing with these fascistic extremists you are supporting TERF'ism.

They think they just want to be left alone and have a "safe space" from Trans* Women and GNC people? KKK and Aryan Nation say the very same. Left alone from the humans they hate. "Safe space" from people they believe are "sub-humans" and "inferior species".

"Have you, or have you ever been a TERF?"

"Yes" should mean no voting rights, no civil rights and no employment. We're only intolerant of those who are intolerant.


Know your feminism 02.Sep.2017 15:41

the ghost of Andrea

WILF is one of the very few groups working for women.
Biological women need women-only spaces.
A surgery and hormones does not rid a man of his woman-hating or male supremacy.
Trans folk need their own spaces - not women's and girls.

Please get your history and theory right.