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This report is very special

I attempt to address one of the most difficult topics facing Targets of fbi covert intelligence operations which may be summarized as follows:
The fbi builds a parade of horrible against the political Target, so that Congress and the courts upon reading the contrived file refuse to entertain pleas for help.

 The fbi files completely misrepresent the Target and never contain data on the extreme provocations and psychological assaults on him which are designed & intended to drive him insane. The Target is subjected to macabre experiences one after the other; he is assaulted during hospital stays (occasioned by fbi attempts on his life) and is suffocated almost to death. He wakes up near the morgue, stragically stationed in a dark, unattended hallway. Oxygen to his brain is temporarily shut off.

Meanwhile his professional life is decimated. 


The dirty tricks executed on him by fbi are cruel and incredibly inhumane.


Any strange reactions to the fbi assaults are presented to a federal magistrate judge  (a de facto fbi operative) for yet more illegal handling under civil law . The Target is now a candidate for in patient treatment in psychiatric wards.


Medical doctors write fraudulent reports on the Target because such reports serve the interest of fbi whose good favor the doctor may need.


During the entire time that an army of fbi psychopaths attack the Target, he is subjected to assaults by bio-chem-viral agents and by painful attacks 24/7/365 by DEW.

Finally, the courts and Congress ignore pleas for assistance; in some instances these powerful officials also threaten the Target.

So, understand that the fbi atrocities against a Target are never made known, even as he/she may show symptoms associated with traumatic stress from the ordeals. Government officials find that the labels attributed to the Target by fbi serial killers and torturers are sufficient excuse to ignore the Targets requests and to treat him as a deranged maniac.

Such is the criminal nature of fbi operations and perfunctory reviews of same by thugs in the highest offices in the land, i.e. Congress and judges.

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