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GERAL SOSBEE vs. Fbi, aka the 'Burro'

This slice of life is a joint effort by me, my friend BARBARA HARTWELL and FACEBOOK.
The fbi, aka the 'Burro'
The fbi, aka the 'Burro'
GERAL SOSBEE vs. Fbi, ala., the 'Burro'

The story of fbi efforts to torture, imprison or kill me is found in the thousands of documents, sworn affidavits, Writ and reports spanning half a century. One lesson learned from my travails with the intellectual battle with fbi assassins is this:

Every plea for assistance from Congress and SCOTUS et al., is equivalent to asking the Godfather or the head of organized crime syndicate to cancel the contract on my life; after all, this nation's leaders authorize, condone or approve of and impliedy sanction the fbi felonious crime spree against me which, as I have demonstrated, is unprecedented in human affairs.

In the next paragraph see a brief summary in pictures of a few of my memories in the life and death adventure put on me by fbi. References are presented concerning the den of thugs in the fbi. aka federal 'Burro" of investigation and to the fbi as modern-day Nazis.

Facebook employees created the messge (A tiny view of My Story) shown below in the décapage video.
Note that the picture of my best friend, the splendid BARBARA HARTWELL
also appears in the story. She has been and is today a saintly inspired blessing in my life for 15 years. I consider Barbara Hartwell to be a National Treasure.

I also must explain that another picture in the story is the jackass, donkey, or burro that I use in many of my reports on fbi assassins. The filthy,smiling 'Burro' depicts the federal bureau of investigation, today: an hideous, incompetent, corrupt and deadly group of hitmen.


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address: address: USA

we know already 01.Jul.2017 10:41

please i beg you

why do you keep post every other day the same stories
every other few articles is your posts going back for years, saying the same thing over n over