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Imagine a country without Wall Street and the Pentagon!

Another world is possible when we analyze how this world ticks!
The time is right for alternative economics, for discovering a third way beyond the state and the market. July 1 is Canada Day, the 150th birthday of our great friend to the north. Crisis and opportunity are represented by the same Chinese letter. Unlike a chair, an idea can be shared by a whole people. Another economy is necessary where people can experience generalized security.

By Marc Batko

Imagine a country without Wall Street and the Pentagon,
where people are filled with thankfulness and the Canadian spirit,
where the government can do wonders in health care and transportation,
where people are protected from cradle to grave as a fruit of being human.

Imagine an economy of the third way,
where community centers offer three hours of free Internet everyday and casserole dinners are only $4,
where the self-healing market that can do everything doesn't mire people in illusion and narcissism,
where people are more than cogs in a celebrity and feudal-corporate culture,
where political leaders offer more than incoherence and chronic lies,
where the future can be open and dynamic, not closed and static,
where all life isn't determined by the financial markets and the gains of productivity only flow to the top 1% or the top 10%

Diversity is a strength, not a threat. Faith is more interruption than custom. Life is more than longevity and suffering is not sin. "When the state trusts citizens, citizens trust the state" (Justin Trudeau).

Imagine countries learning and cooperating with other countries,
where solidarity eclipses survivalism,
where interdependence is lived and celebrated,
where one world includes many worlds and everyone has a place,
where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,
where the present is more than the present since it includes hope, promise and anticipation.

The 26 community centers in Vancouver B.C. have multiplying and cushioning effects and serve as surrogate counseling and classroom opportunities. The mosaic of interdependence can lead to enlightenment and new interdependent consciousness.

The Sky Train, the Canada line, and the Evergreen line in Vancouver BC are computer-operated light rail lines that connect the whole city, magic trains running without any human operator every four minutes some since 1986.
When will the US recognize and congratulate Canada and Vancity and break out of its insular, exceptional hubris?

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But,,,, 29.Jun.2017 07:49

Lloyd Hart dadapop.com

Where the CIA openly operates and works to swing elections to keep the NDP out of the PM's office.

Nice dream but... 30.Jun.2017 14:48


Empire building, genocides, wars, wealth acquisition, classism, slavery both economic and human all existed before the Pentagon and Wall Street. What needs to change is the lust in certain humans to do whatever it takes to acquire power over others, as long as they are allowed to have free reign in this world then Pentagon's and Wall Street's in whatever form will also exist.

Diversity is not strength... 30.Jun.2017 15:10


This is the equivalent of sitting around and singing Kumbaya. Diversity is not strength, it simply is. Besides, it's the very forces you are critiquing that are promoting and pushing the diversity agenda. The powers that be want population growth in the 1st world and if that means a mass importation of 3rd worlders then so be it, it means a globalized economy, an expanding consumer base, more people to tax and a rising stock market - EXACTLY WHAT WALL STREET WANTS!

Besides all that, diversity arises from geographic isolation, if we ever achieve this utopia of the "global melting pot" then this wonderful diversity will have been destroyed. We won't be diverse because we will all look the same and the diverse culture practices will be subsumed into one globalized cultural empire, true diversity will no longer exist, unique cultural practices will become surface brand names used for marketing, empty of their true meaning. The first victims of this diversity agenda were the primal peoples of this world, the few fragments that remain will soon be extinct. How is this "diversity" nonsense going to stop that from happening?

What's the difference between the destruction of primal peoples and the 1st world shattering the economies and stability of smaller 3rd world countries in order to exploit their resources, then mass importing their citizens to the first world? These people lose their uniqueness and individuality and becomes a part of USA Inc. It's the same reasoning Hillary and Obama used when they bombed the hell out of Libya and destroyed the infrastructure of the country (and killed untold numbers of people), WE BRING LIBYANS TO THE US AND PROMOTE DIVERSITY! That makes us the good guys. It's a joke, they're no better than Trump, maybe even worse because Trump hasn't done anything that bad (yet).

I imagine speaking Russian or Chinese 02.Jul.2017 10:49


Your health care dollars go to protect America, Canada and Europe. America is a spartan country were we sacrifice our butter for guns.

Immigrating to Canada or Europe is your only hope of living in a single payer society.

Even California killed Single payer before it was voted on in the legislature because it was $400 Billion.

If its too progressive for California don't expect the red states to allow it to be adopted in your lifetime.

Uncontrollable—Pentagon and Corporate Contractors Too Big to Audit 13.Aug.2017 20:57

by Ralph Nader


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