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Virginia Shooting Of GOP Congressmen Erased From U.S. Corporate Media Headlines

within a couple hours after the early morning June 14 shooting attack on a Congressional baseball game practice session, the perpetrator identified as a former Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign volunteer and his actions were excoriated by none other than Senator Sanders himself, who delivered remarks on the floor of the U.S. Senate :

Make no mistake, although today (Friday June 16) this incident has been largely erased from U.S. corporate media and replaced with Business-As-Usual "Trump under investigation" and "Guns need regulation" top headlines, Wednesday's shooting was indeed a 100% political act. And the shooter (despite the purportedly bewildered "No one could have imagined" / "no one knew who he really was"... taglines) was a long time Democrat, part of the 99% (reference his 2012 appearance  link to www.politico.com at a U.S. Post Office demonstration) and severely distraught with November 2016's election results.

Can you imagine what the U.S. corporate mass media headlines would consist of right at this moment, if the shooter had targeted the _Democrats'_ team practice session?
The almost instantaneous Senator Sanders denunciation / repudiation statement of the event after it was found the shooter had been a Bernie 2016 campaign volunteer, clearly reveals the 'systemic' U.S. Government-In-Hand-With-Corporate-Mass-Media need to "nip this one in the bud".

Yes a mass shooting that was obviously politically motivated (no matter what some of the other personal/psychological issues of the 66-year-old perpetrator) and politically targeted.

Now erased from U.S. corporate media headlines, and replaced Business-As-Usual "Trump under investigation", "Guns need regulation" (?? for Democrat / left wing shooters?), etc.

Disappeared? Really? 17.Jun.2017 04:21

Mike Novack

Not living in a big city, don't get the big city papers. But story still being followed in our local papers, and since these get material like this from national news services, obviously still going out there. If you mean no longer the biggest front page headline article, well that is NORMAL for news coverage. Three days is "old news" follow-up stuff and that you always find page 3 and further back.

I'd call you "disappearance" story "fake news" except probably more a case of your expectations about how standard journalism reports NEWS.

RE: ' Three days is "old news" ' 17.Jun.2017 10:15


Original post references how this story vanished after 24 hr (not "three days") cycle.

btw Mike after 9 months (and also testimony of fired FBI Director Comey) is the 'Russia collusion' story "old news" yet?

( remainder of Novack's post above is, as troll-typical for him, not even worth remarking about... )

Virginia Shooting Response 17.Jun.2017 12:08

colion noir

Governor of Virginia [QUOTE]: "93 Million people a day" ... Lol
when they 'don't want to talk about the truth', indeed.

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Gabby Giffords? Really? 17.Jun.2017 12:17


Last time a U.S. Congressperson was shot by a "lone nut" ( .... )
it was 24/7 corporate mass media coverage for weeks on end.

this one has absolutely vanished. And within 24 hours no less (in addition to Senator Sanders' "disclaimer" within a couple of hours of the event).