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Video: Science in the New Dark Age, 28 min

Our guest is Dr. Martin Donohoe, adviser to Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility and author of "Public Health and Social Justice". The topic is "Science in the New Dark Age". What is the New Dark Age? What is science? How has science been attacked in the past? How has Pres. Trump attached science and with what consequences? What is the role of corporate lobbyists and the media in this present attack?

We also talk about single-payer health care and more. We conclude with Dr. Donohoe giving a defense of the need for students to have what has traditionally been called a liberal education.


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I Do Believe These Folks Mean Well 09.Jun.2017 05:51


But they don't get politics at all. First of all Trump understands global warming and is not "against science" at all. He is just a very flamboyant successful real estate salesman with a very lousy political philosophy. And he is extremely intelligent despite having ADHD, and is very talented at the art of deception.

Also we are not really experiencing some "dark age of science". Instead we are experiencing a general economic collapse, so there's simply no money for science. These people seem to have good instincts, but beyond their conventional scholarship they have a whole lot to learn.

I am convinced that it is already too late to stop global warming, and the dreaded methane clathrate gun is right now firing away in Siberia and Alaska. I would suggest balloons filled with ammonia to reflect sunlight back, and infrared sideways. It's going to take something drastic like that, not some silly political solution.