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Sunday's rally at City Hall

think about messaging for people who weren't there
The HUGE banner that read "RENT CONTROL NOW!" seen in many of the photographs of Sunday's protest downtown was a giant missed opportunity to make it clear to people who only read headlines and look at the pictures that the protest was ALL about fighting racism and neo-Nazis.

Whoever brought that banner should be ashamed. Sunday's gathering WASN'T about you! It was to galvanize those of us who want to fight racism & bigotry in Portland, including the failures of City Hall to do anything effective about Portland police shootings.

Organize your own rally about rent control, it's really not fair to have appropriated the messaging that day for yourselves. I'm not saying housing isn't an important issue, of course it is. But, with national & international eyes on what is happening in Portland it would've ideal to streamline the message to one of solidarity with POC & against the alt-right.

On Point! 06.Jun.2017 18:20


I didn't see such a sign, but you make a good point. Time and place for everything. That said, it's not as if a huge banner declaring 'RENT CONTROL NOW!' would've been soo distracting. Maybe I didn't notice the sign because I was too busy carrying my own; too busy seeing innocent people being tear-gassed and flash-banged by ruthless gestapo cops. All in all, who really cares about ONE sign? Just one of many...

A little perspective... 06.Jun.2017 21:14


Perhaps the OP was referring to various photos like this one, facing the Pro-Trump crowd instead of something with a more militant message specifically opposing fascism and racism. I was several heads behind the crowd there, so I never saw the banner until today.

Laughable Circus Event is an apt description 07.Jun.2017 07:34


I was there, and like most protests, the attendees just don't realize that people who don't protest are laughing and disgusted. The efficacy of these protests is virtually nil, and sometimes works against their cause.

@ "Laughable Circus Event is an apt description" 08.Jun.2017 21:12


Says the selfish human who never lifts a finger, and never does a damned thing ever. Absolutely cause-less! Why live, other than to consume???