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Meine Regierung richtig oder falsch

This concept dominated Nazi Germany society and also manifests here today in Neo Nazi USA .
Meine Regierung richtig oder falsch


(See link to false medical report by fbi operative MD)..

The fbi has the complete support of most MD, DDS,JD,PHD , and others. Lawyers cover up fbi crimes and defend fbi for profit.
Medical doctors torture and otherwise abuses Americans for profit and for good relationship. Dentists also torture patients en queue.
NIH , CDC , et. all. are run by sociopaths who fully cooperate with fbi efforts to kill political Targets.

The professionals in our society manifestly believe that they have no responsibility to protect , nor defend against human rights abuses by fbi. They clearly seek the approval of fbi and therefore they torture patients, kill them, falsify medical records and ignore the oath, "First do no harm". After all, their income allows them and their families to live like kings. The, like their predecessors in Nazi Germany, hold fast to the belief "My government right or wrong ".
Thus USA is a neo Nazi society.

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