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TERRORISM HITS PORTLAND! Two Men Slain In Hate-Crime Attack!

So this just happened a few hours ago, details are still pouring in. Here's what is known so far:
At around 4:30 this afternoon, a White man/Trump supporter allegedly started harassing two women in a MAX platform here in Portland, OR. The incident took place at the Hollywood MAX transit stop. According to eyewitnesses, the two women were Middle Eastern in appearance, with one of them wearing a hijab. When the White racist thug became more belligerent and hostile towards the women, two other men - both said to have been Black - attempted to intervene. The White criminal then pulled out a knife and slashed to two men. One victim reportedly died at the scene, the other died en route to the hospital. A third victim sustained stab wounds, but is expected to survive.

A standoff ensued, and several streets surrounding the MAX station were blocked. Cops eventually took the White terrorist into custody without further harm. This White piece-of-shit is in jail at this moment... still alive. Police have not gunned him down. Perhaps, the Portland Police will take the criminal on a trip to Burger King for his deeds. At this time, neither the suspect nor victims have been identified. More in this to come...

If there were ever, EVER a more detrimental time for People of Color to start arming themselves!

homepage: homepage: http://officerdowntp.blogspot.com/2017/05/terrorism-hits-portland-two-men-slain.html

great reporting 27.May.2017 01:10


not as blindly bias as the main stream media.

explains why dembicles are at an historic low political power level in America.

White Terrorist Identified 27.May.2017 10:54


The White terrorist has been identified as Jeremy Joseph Christian.

go to "view discussion from this article" to see story on Author 'OD' 27.May.2017 14:07


Different Skin Color, Different Labels, Different Perspectives 27.May.2017 14:27


In reviewing this posting I've made some observations; just that, no offense intended.

Terrorist is certainly an apt description of this perp. However, would a person of color who stabbed 2 two humans to death be considered a terrorist, or someone with an untreated mental condition?

When a white person tries to intervene and standup for someone's rights they are considered heroes. When the victims are persons of color they are considered victims.

Victims/Heroes/Martyrs ID'ed 27.May.2017 14:45


The two men murdered in yesterday's White terrorist attack have been identified.

Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche
 link to www.wweek.com

Ricky John Best
 link to www.wweek.com

Murderer = publicly known nutcase, prior conviction for robbery-kidnapping 2002. 27.May.2017 15:00


i.e. he is not "part of an organization (/'white supremacist conspiracy')" .

Just a piece of human garbage that needs taking out. Well now (charged withdouble aggravated murder on public transit) he gets his wish.

Here he is at a recent PDX rally (April 29 "March for Free Speech" on 82nd Avenue in Montavilla) :

On May 12, 2002, Christian handcuffed the owner of a North Portland market to a counter and stole cash and cigarettes.

The robbery at Ed's Market, a convenience store at North Lombard Street and Vancouver Avenue, occurred shortly after the store's 10 p.m. closing. Owner Bob Sung said at the time he was staying late to finish paperwork when a man walked in wearing a black ski mask, with openings cut out for the eyes, nose and mouth. He looked around the store to see whether anyone else was inside and then walked out.

"I immediately recognized him. I know all the customers' faces," Sung told The Oregonian at the time. "I thought he was just joking or kidding. But then he walked back in.

A Pattern of Enabling Racist Violence 27.May.2017 20:33

||-|| PORTLAND ||-||

Christian is well-known to anti-fascist activists...

apologist 27.May.2017 20:58


Please! No lipstick on a pig. The murdering creep is a white supremacist.

a new WW link 27.May.2017 21:00


 link to www.wweek.com

Witnesses: Man Cut the Throats of Two MAX Passengers Who Tried to Stop Anti-Muslim Bullying of Women on Northeast Portland Train
The attack occurred in the Hollywood District. "He said, 'Get off the bus, and get out of the country because you don't pay taxes here.'"

video 27.May.2017 21:04


video in this link is of the murderer ranting on sidewalk just before arrest, after being chased down.

 link to www.wweek.com

"The murdering creep is a white supremacist" Therefore... 28.May.2017 01:11



white supremacists are bloodthirsty murdering creeps,


This clown was a convicted felon at age 20 - back in 2002 when he was shot in the face by police, during his commission of robbery and kidnapping.

He's human garbage.

He also murdered 2 people in cold blood on the train this week.

and you're worked up about "white supremacist" conspiracies?

common sense has taken leave of the "activist" community (and its concomitant 21st-century 'Facebook friend' socmediasphere).

"... and you're worked up about "white supremacist" conspiracies?" 28.May.2017 11:41


GODDAMNED RIGHT! The murderer here is a WHITE SUPREMACIST! He was seen, video recorded, and photographed at a recent White supremacist/pro-Trump rally in Portland recently. I have met him several times myself. Like "laughing at liberals" Michael Strickland, JJ Christian is part of a larger White supremacist conspiracy here in Portland!

RE: the video 28.May.2017 11:54


I was first to post it here on this thread

and it is obvious that even the Trump supporters are saying "drugs are bad, mmK?" with reference to that Psycho. Watch the vid.

as in:
He was an absolute kook, had no friends. Except for his social media presence with all its whackjob statements he was an 'Army Of One'.

and as previously noted he's an ex-con who was shot in the face by cops, during his robbery and kidnapping actions of 2002.

a proven-in-public whackjob ex-con sociopath fatally stabs 2 people on the MAX train when they confront him about his verbal outburst. Surprise, surprise.

more on the perp's status as 1,000% nutjob 28.May.2017 12:42


[ Keep in mind when reading this: He was a convicted felon at age 20 back in 2002 when he was shot in the face by police, during his commission of first-degree robbery and second-degree kidnapping. His most recent offence was November 2010 when a case of theft was dismissed for unknown reasons. ]

Mugshot compilation pic:
^ Note the 2002 one of him shot in face, just below right eye. Brain damage? ...

some of his __FB posts__ included :

(Profile statement) "I'm an Ex-Con. I Like Comix, Cannabis and Metal-In Any Combination. If you are an Employer, F*** Off."

a picture (aerial view) of the 1978 Jonestown, Guyana mass suicide.

May 7, 2016 - "I am not racist and have a half Vietnamese Nephew and large Vietnamese Family in Portland the US Vietnam and around the world. I will generally knock out a person that calls me a racist. I am White and a Nationalist for Vinland. Plus I Support Balkanization for racists and religion lines. I would really prefer not to have to live with monotheists and various other moronic groups of ignorant cretins that foment hate in the name of Tetragrammaton/Yahweh/Allah and threaten to Destroy the world with their unmatched incompetence..."

May 16, 2016 - voted for Bernie Sanders in primary.

May 16, 2016 - shared a photo by username 'Eddie Kancer', cartoon showing Sanders dressed as Captain America, delivering a knockout punch to Trump who's depicted in brownshirt-with-armband 'fascist'-style uniform.

June 12, 2016 - shared a photo by username 'Democratic Socialist', cartoon showing Sanders candidacy as 'LOVE', Clintons as 'FEAR', and Trump as 'HATE' - with his own [Jeremy Christian's] comment on the cartoon: "On point."

Aug 26, 2016 - rants "No Bernie, No Dice. Fuck American politics. That shit is dead. No we're gonna change at local state level tripe. The one genuine candidate since Ross Perot and maybe Nader was railroaded and ripped off with fraud and you fuckers sit there and say we better vote Clinton on some pick your poison shit??? Why fuck aren't we out in the streets demanding a President that has a positive poll rating??? I couldn't start a prison riot with people like you if we were all doing life sentences..."

Sept 1, 2016 - "I refuse to vote for the candidate I hate the least when it's all rigged for Clinton Mafia. If I had a choice that made sense besides Total Anarchy or Total Nihilism I would choose it. I will be voting for the candidate I dislike the most that will be the worst choice for America because that's what my fellow Americans deserve. Let's Make America Great Again(In China)..."

shared a photo by username 'Eric Gwawl', graphic which states '10% of what we spend annually on the military could finance free public tuition, as well as provide housing for every homeless person in the U.S. It's not about money - it's about PRIORITIES.'

Nov 21, 2016 - claims Atty Gnl Jeff Sessions should be assassinated "This piece of shit is worse than Ashcroft!"
- "Fu** Yeah! Trump is the Anti-Christ! I Should Have Voted For Him"

January 12, 2017 - "I've had it!!! I gonna kill everybody who voted for Trump or Hillary!!! It's all your fault!!! You're what's wrong with this country!!! Reveal yourselves immediately and face your DOOM!!!"

Claimed in posts on other right-wing FB sites that his appearance at local PDX demonstrations with Trump supporters was a "Psy-Op",
and "I will stomp out the whole movement like the Cuck knight. Rip City is MY CITY!!!"

Inconsistent behavior and ideological stances which possibly ? reflect schizophrenia (or related mental illness)

quoted from Portland Mercury article [referencing earlier coverage of his appearance at public demonstrations this year]
"A few Portland police officers on April 29 appeared to be familiar with Christian, but not threatened by him. They claimed he had a head injury and was mentally ill."

Portland MAX Stabber Videoed On Rant Night Before Attack 29.May.2017 22:12


A woman who asked to be identified by the name KK said she was riding the MAX Blue Line [to Gresham] home from work Thursday night when Jeremy Christian [the man accused of stabbing 3 people, 2 of them fatally, on a MAX train Friday afternoon] got on the train at Pioneer Courthouse Square. She said he was talking on his cellphone and was visibly upset.

"He was pretty upset, squinting his eyes, venting to his friend on the phone about some girl that just pepper-sprayed him," KK said. "He was complaining about the city, complaining about Muslims, Christians, and it just got very violent very quick."

Police also confirm that he had thrown a bottle at a black woman at the MAX station just before that.

Even though someone told the driver what was going on, KK said nothing was done to remove Christian from the train. She said she was surprised the driver didn't even come out when the train was stopped for an extended period of time.

Get your facts straight OD 30.May.2017 10:00


The men stabbed and killed were both white, so was the 3rd man, who survived the stabbing. Who "said" they were black? Wishful thinking on your part. Make sure next time you know what you are talking about before printing it OD. Just a suggestion.

From KGW:
They spoke of the courage of the three victims, who on Saturday were identified as 53-year-old Ricky John Best, of Happy Valley, 23-year-old Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche, of Southeast Portland, and 21-year-old Micah David-Cole Fletcher of Southeast Portland. Best and Meche were killed in the stabbing. Fletcher was released from the hospital Monday."

Mr. Meche was a white man who looked like he had taken a (perhaps) a Sikh name, or something like that.

Busted 30.May.2017 22:21


"Makes racist comments to two Muslim women (terrible and slimy, but not a crime according to the 1st Amendment)"

With this one statement, you just outed yourself as the racist shill I KNEW you always wear!

yep, the ACLU are (according to OD) "racist shills" 30.May.2017 22:56


but don't let that (for OD anyway) get in the way of facts,

for example the "terrible and slimy" 1st Amendment facts of Skokie, Illinois 1977 :

Just wondering... 31.May.2017 20:18



Are you all the same person, or am I dealing with a house full of dipshits all using the same IP address?

Btw, I have corrected my initial blog posting that the martyrs who were murdered last Friday [by a definitely WHITE terrorist] are/were indeed White. Most initial media reports falsely claimed those men were Black. As more info. became available, I made my correction days ago. But I see you assholes are still dry-humping a factual error I made nearly a week ago.

Feels good, man.

OD 04.Jun.2017 15:26


I guess the prison yard rat isn't as white as Senator Fauxcahontas. Since you seem to be judging people's motives based on the complexion of their skin, he is darker than Lie-a Watha, but brutally more honest about his intentions.

RE: Memes / "all using the same IP address" 3rd time a charm? 05.Jun.2017 00:47


[ PDX IMC has deleted at least a dozen comments here, including 2 earlier versions of this one ]

Violent provocateur, misogynist, racist and ableist OD conspiratorially alludes:
"or am I dealing with a house full of dipshits all using the same IP address" -

How precisely would 'OD' know who has what IP address, in the comment thread below his article?
(Unless Portland IMC workerbees tipped him off / had something to do with informing him of such comparison-similarity of respondents...)

p.s. 'OD' your meme usage is inept and outdated, fella. Stick to your own blog and stay the **** away from here, you piece of human trash.

^ This Will Be Reposted On Thread Until You Leave It Up XD

I see you... 08.Jun.2017 21:10


... and I say, you are still a joke.