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Bill H.R. 2366 would make student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy court

H.R. 2366 has recently been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill would make student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy court.
HR 2366
HR 2366
This bill would allow student loan debtors with unpayable debts to declare bankruptcy and have their student loan debts removed. It would end the discrimination against student loan debtors in bankruptcy court. Please note that All of the following types of debt ARE currently dischargeable in bankruptcy court:

Gambling Debts
Business Debts
Federally-Insured Small Business Administration Loans
Federally-Insured Farm Loans

If you wish to express your support for this bill, you can contact your Representative as follows:

Oregon US Representatives

District 1 - Suzanne Bonamici
Beaverton: 503-469-6016

District 2 - Greg Walden
Medford: 541-776-4646
La Grande: 541-624-2400
Bend: 541-389-4408

District 3 - Earl Blumenauer
Portland: 503-231-2300

District 4 - Peter A. DeFazio
Eugene: 541-465-6732
Coos Bay: 541-269-2609
Roseburg: 541-440-3523

District 5 - Kurt Schrader
Salem: 503-588-9100
Oregon City: 503-557-1324