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Manchester False Flag Targets Kids

Remember 7/7? The Queen's hitmen are at it again- only now it's little kids
"her legs were blown off" IF YOU SAY SO
no kids, no blood, no doctors, no limbs, I.V,'s, stretchers, nurses, etc.
no kids, no blood, no doctors, no limbs, I.V,'s, stretchers, nurses, etc.
There's no fucking way this attack happened like they say it did. Zero photos of any children's bodies or the actual blast site. Just some posed bullshit of "medics" without stethoscopes, stretchers, I.V. drips or anything else- standing around looking lost. Only 3 victims identified so far? Why is that??? How about the "missing" children? What did they witness? There's absolutely no evidence to prove that what they say happened really did. That area is crawling with CCTV cameras. Where's the video of the bomber or the victims. Thousands of smart phones going and NO video or photo evidence of the carnage or perps? Makes no sense plus it happened just in time to reinforce Trump's global campaign of fear. When you execute a false flag mass murder and have no real evidence to back your cover story there's a simple solution. Have your puppets in Libya arrest the patsy's brother and mother as Isis terrorists. Solid evidence indeed for the average idiot watching the news with baited breath. They are sooo clever but it's so obvious this time that this thing was staged. Try and Google up some photos of the carnage. There are none. Just that one blurry pic with the bogus EMT's pretending to help victims (all of which look like adults). And that fake "homeless" guy who attended a girl whose "legs were blown off"- he sure didn't seem upset or freaked out at all. He even smiled. There's been no mention of any kid who lost her legs in a any news source. Plus he's wearing a brand new ski jacket- and is clean shaven. Not exactly your average beggar on the sidewalk. A plant designed to add validity to the bullshit story. "There was blood everywhere" was another popular refrain among supposed victims interviewed. Try and find just one photo that depicts "blood everywhere". Good luck! Where is coverage from the local hospitals? Doctor interviews? That is normal press coverage for incidents like this. But there is nothing at all. over 50 injured? Show us a couple of dozen then! After 911 nothing at all that these evil bastards pull surprises me anymore. Americans are dumber than ever before too. Fluoride and chemtrails and GMO's have really taken their toll on the American psyche. A downhill slide into an endless media stupor where trolls like Anderson Cooper are actually considered "journalists". LOL! It's pretty much all fake news but not the type Trumps raves on about. So give Jeffrey Lord a big wet kiss Mr. Blitzer and keep up the good work deceiving the people yet once again. No shame required either. Murdering little girls is now the preferred method of demonizing and framing patsies for political ends. I mean how much more fucking evil can these bastards get? Then again, 19 teenyboppers are small potatoes next to the 3,000 the NWO annihilated on 911 and the half million innocent Iraqis who paid the price for it. Trump is 666 for real. I won't even mention the Whore of Babylon and The Pope.

shut the fuck up rat 25.May.2017 15:48


Please. For the love of humanity. Stop being such a piece of garbage.

Dear Clyde - As the Internet Community examines more and more ... 25.May.2017 19:30

Tracy Mapes

...of these high profile cases of "Terrorism, Active Shooter Scenarios", it has become quite obvious that they are State sponsored terrorism to legitimize the Security Infrastructure and reinforce the public's need for their safety and protection.

This is "False". "Fake News". Propaganda.

And I cannot wait for the day I see an end to their little fucking circus.

erie 25.May.2017 23:24


> ya know this does all seem pretty odd
> rAT does make a few good points
> and something is not right

the British have standards. we could learn from them. 27.May.2017 01:32


The British don't allow the media to publish the names of people who are accused of a crime, only after they have been convicted of a crime.

This keeps the media from ruining someones reputation based on accusations.

buzz off "Clyde" 04.Jun.2017 13:34


"Clyde" and "Garth" are the same guy. He invented him so it looks like SOMEONE agrees with him! He's really a professor at Liberty University in Virginia. He gets paid to be the biggest asshole on this site. He thinks the twin towers just perfectly fell into their own footprints in 6 seconds. Insane shit. He inspires people like that idiot train stabber.

rodent 05.Jun.2017 11:10


not every event that goes against you is a false flag.