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Myth, especially modern myth (and there seems quite a bit of it)is interesting, if looked at with a wary eye and pursuit of 'truth' as a real value.
One wonders how much one is originally confronted with is actual truth, and how much may be fiction, or myth, really. While I might understand some reasons behind myth, seems much needs belief just to stand a chance to exist. But, really, the reality seems to come afterward, or some are totally lacking validity and poven such, and never, as intended, become unassailable truth. Myth has its functions in the life of a man, but who'll readily admit such? I include myself and my personal beliefs here, too. If you believe something hard enough, does it become 'real'?
Most seem to look at myth as historical, from a time in which we, as a general population, may have been less comparatively informed, such as classical Greece or Rome and its specious cosmological visions. But isn't myth fully functional today and the common man just as likely to function in that realm? How many beliefs (myths) aren't yet proved, falsely concocted, or the truth lay hidden purposely?

Main Entry: myth
Pronunciation: *mith
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek mythos

1 a : a usually traditional story of ostensibly historical events that serves to unfold part of the world view of a people or explain a practice, belief, or natural phenomenon b : PARABLE, ALLEGORY

2 a : a popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone; especially : one embodying the ideals and institutions of a society or segment of society *seduced by the American myth of individualism Orde Coombs* b : an unfounded or false notion

3 : a person or thing having only an imaginary or unverifiable existence

4 : the whole body of myths

and once a portion of the definition is read, another word contained within the definition, 'ostensibly', begs definition also:

Main Entry: ostensible
Pronunciation: *-*sten(t)-s*-b*l, *-
Function: adjective
Etymology: French, from Latin ostensus, past participle of ostendere to show, from obs-, ob- in the way + tendere to stretch more at OB-, THIN
Date: circa 1771

1 : intended for display : open to view

2 : being such in appearance : plausible rather than demonstrably true or real *the ostensible purpose for the trip*
synonyms see APPARENT

and another definition contained within that definition:

Main Entry: plausible
Pronunciation: *pl*-z*-b*l
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin plausibilis-worthy of applause, from plausus, past participle of plaudere

1 : superficially fair, reasonable, or valuable but often specious *a plausible pretext*

2 : superficially pleasing or persuasive *a swindler, then a quack, then a smooth, plausible gentleman R. W. Emerson*

3 : appearing worthy of belief *the argument was both powerful and plausible*
-plausibleness noun
-plausibly \-bl*\ adverb

it surely appears that things are open to display for proof, but not yet 'proof', simply plausibe.
So lives are lived and (taken or given) based upon what? Reality? One (myself) might need to be convinced.

All definitions copyright Merriam-Webster Incorporated Version 2.5 2000

List of Myths 21.May.2017 15:08

Tracy Mapes

O.J. Simpson Trial = Costly Reality
Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ron Goldman = "FAKE NEWS"

Scott Peterson Trial = Costly Reality
Murder of Laci Peterson = "FAKE NEWS"

Trial of BART Officer Johannes Mehserle in the Case of Oscar Grant III
Police Homicide of Oscar Grant III = "FAKE NEWS"

Murder of Jon Benet Ramsey = "FAKE NEWS"

Tragic Death of Princess Diana = "FAKE NEWS"

Newtown Active Shooter = "FAKE NEWS"

Washington Navy Yard Shooting = "FAKE NEWS"

Aurora Colorado Theater Shooting = "FAKE NEWS"

Boston Bombing at Marathon = "FAKE NEWS"

Drunk Driver Slam Car Thru Crowd - Time Square = "FAKE NEWS"

Edward Snowden = "FAKE NEWS"

See a pattern? See a purpose?

To scare you into the belief that you need the security that can only be provided by the Nation State,
and that the fines, penalties, taxes, and over expenditure in crime prevention and terrorism is not
only justified and necessary, they will implement costly measures against the wishes or vote of the
public despite a dramatic drop in criminal activity as reported by the FBI.

As long as Law-Enforcement and the Mainstream Media support the production of this Criminal Theater,
they have no right to exercise their will under the color of authority and maintain no credibility
except for the false images they project of reality.

"19 hijackers" on 11 September 2001 is THE contemporary myth. 24.May.2017 22:48


a myth perpetrated by the U.S. government

and one wonders why things fail... 26.May.2017 12:10


How much is the 'dream-time' mentality required to live a myth in its entirety? That's quite an accomplishment as merely having to take a pee spoils it for many. Dream-time can be be brought into the present but not the future because of the need to innocently function in such time. Life cannot be lived 'innocently'. Mere mimicry just leads to disappointment. Being a poet, I'm quite intimate with dream time, both its ecstacies and disappointment.

We're cultuarally to live in that mentality. Trump and his agenda not an example?
I'm in the wrong business. I ought to be producing pants with a hole in the ass to accomodate the white stick of the suckers. We need millions of pairs.