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America’s political police, their irregular forces, and the war on dissent.

To look back at the well-documented era of COINTELPRO as something from a long-ago time is to ignore the challenges we all face if we choose to fight against the Corporate States of America, with it's new-found confidence in White Supremacy, vast military, mercenary, and police forces, and a weird, religious fervor to excuse everything it wants to force on an unwilling world. America has never stopped its low-intensity war against dissent, and it won't. It can't - those currently in power know very well that their continued rule relies on silencing those who speak out against their inhuman agenda.
I've seen way too many discussions of shenanigans by the FBI in the 1960s and '70s. Whether they intend to or not, the authors of these articles are implying that these tactics are old relics of a by-gone era. Which is certainly not true.

While methods and tactics used in the quashing of dissent may have evolved over time, much of the core principles remain unchanged. The nation's intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies continue to be the executive office's primary tool to discourage opposition to its policies through intimidation and legal harassment. From its beginning as the Treasury Department's Bureau of Investigation until the present, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been directed by Presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Donald Trump to spy on peace activists, anti-war organizations, environmentalists, labor unions, and anyone else who might get in the way of US foreign and domestic policies, and interfere with corporate activity and earnings.

Since before it's formal inception, the FBI has served as the US government's political police and have engaged in campaigns of low-intensity, counter-insurgent warfare against dissidents, often with the help of irregular forces - even operatives of foreign governments - and the backing of civilian financiers and their front organizations.

In addition, the FBI maintains a network of informants. Senate investigatory committees have previously found the number of paid informants had gone from roughly 1,500 in 1975, to 2,800 in 1980, to over 6,000 in 1986. A budget request presented in 2008 asked for $12.7 million to fund it's informant network.

Today, years into an era of eroded civil and human rights in the name of a "war on terrorism," it is even easier for the FBI and their allies in localized law enforcement to entrap unwitting citizens in fantasy plots they concoct, and convince juries that they have foiled a terrorist action. Unlike the 1970s, when many people understood that the government and police were not on their side, many people now seem to be incapable of seeing through such entrapment schemes, and it is only judges who challenge their narrative. But only if they choose to. Many judges are, of course, just there to send people to prison, for any or no reason. Especially people who are not white.

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No Movement will Succeed ...Until You recognize the Enemy 17.May.2017 13:56

Tracy Mapes

You are basically facing a standing Army.

You allow them to abuse you, and yet ...they are a standing Army.

You know where there bases and facilities are ...yet

...you only voice your angst ...at the standing Army.

They stymie your life with Roadblocks, Tickets, Taxes and Jail time.

Yet ...they are only a standing Army.

You learn where they live, You learn where they work, You learn their habits.

Then You become the Road Builder. You become the Highway Engineer.

You create the paths ...and the Detours.

Writing Your Congressman? - $1

Writing on the Internet? - $10

Writing on a Protest Sign? - $40

Writing on a Freeway Wall? - $100's

Gallon of Gasoline? - $3

The look on the standing Army's Face? - Priceless!