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Enemy of the people

Surprise, all ye who worship or honor fbi thugs:
GERAL , 1967  Viet Nam
GERAL , 1967 Viet Nam
The principal enemy of the domestic population of the USA and of this country is the f b i.



homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
address: address: USA

Addendum 16.May.2017 15:02


Note that fbi insidious efforts to discreetly torture & kill me reflect the devious barbarity of fbi and their murderous agents & operatives (including judges, police, congress and street thugs):

"...A key condition for an evolutionary account of homicide is an explanation of the fact that most deadly violence is committed by men. Evolutionary psychologists say that this is because men have evolved to compete more intensively than women in the race for status, material wealth and sexual partners. In terms of the by-product theory, men are more likely to suffer the consequences when competition gets out of hand. This competitive kindling... is at its most combustible in men of low socioeconomic status in regions of high social inequality, suffused with a sense of everything to gain and little to lose. "
Thus, many fbi homicidal sociopaths need work because they can't compete with more civilized men.