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More Money Honey

rate increases for water and sewage.
Dear Members of the City Council,

On Thursday afternoon about 1400 you will be considering rate increases and we, Individuals For Justice will oppose all three items, 519, 520, and 521.

I am enclosing a statement by a citizen in arms who sees these rate increases as the height of arrogance and we concur with her assessment.

We fully expect you to pass these ill-thought out rate increases but will go on record opposing all three so you cannot claim that no one objected. We objected to your ill-thought out move to cover the reservoirs and you spent hundreds of millions of dollars and could have left our water supply alone, due to the EPA being stopped by the mad-man in the WH.

We demand an outside audit before any more of our money is spent on these projects that only help developers and construction corporations.

To all PDX Activists or anyone who gives a damn who's left in our City:
Thursday afternoon is a City Council Hearing at 2 for yet another rate increase by the Water Nazis against the people. We must show up to testify against this. Why? Because the Water Nazi's have had free reign in our City to fuck with our water rights for a very long time while allowing this to continue instead of any fix whatsoever:

1. Radioactive radon and its decay products in our drinking water from the Columbia wells.
2. LEAD in drinking water
3. Corroded Pipes
4. Aging Water

As activists on the front lines, we need to understand that other groups need our help and this is one of those times. Here's a summary of why we need to show up on Thursday at 2 to testify against this Water Nazis. Please Read It!

SUMMARY: Understand This.

Portland Water Bureau is not putting the public health first and is fiscally irresponsible with ratepayer money. Their mission (and this is taken from the Budget document) is "to provide reliable water service to customers in the quantities they desire and that meets or exceeds regulatory standards." Not a mention about health or safety or fiscal discipline.

Their REAL mission is to be a building and construction corporation and not a public health bureau. Right now we are paying for two massive underground tanks that the Water Bureau built that are sitting empty. Powell Butte 1 is empty because the roof is leaking and will need to be replaced. Not meant to be replaced as it is covered with soil and it is not that old. Another boondoggle from the Water Bureau. But most importantly, they were built on false assumptions and on a misrepresentation of water demand. Even if they weren't broken, they would need to be empty to avoid OLD CORROSIVE WATER. The Water Bureau upper management knew this over-building would lead to water quality problems as they were warned repeatedly by the public and by published reports.

Engineering and construction corporations own the Portland Water Bureau and the ratepayers are paying for their mistakes and malfeasance with no say so, no vote, no binding, enforceable oversight. Nick Fish is the CEO of this engineering and construction bureau and he is beholden only to his engineering and construction cronies.

Portland's Bull Run water has been healthy and safe for over 120 years, up until they covered it up and shut out nature's best disinfectant, the sun and shut out the venting and aeration capabilities that open reservoirs provide.

This budget reflects more of the same bad decision making by Wheeler, Fish et al.

Wheeler campaigned on reshaping the fiscal direction of this city. Nick Fish directs the Water Bureau policy and is only accountable to his fellow CEO dictators and that can always be worked out by trading a vote.

It seems the more we pay for our water, the worse our public health issues become.

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com