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Palestinian cartoonist speaking

Event co-sponsoed by Vancouver for Peace. Thanks, Diane.
Help us welcome Palestinian political Cartoonist Mohammad Sabaaneh to Portland. He is the author of White and Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine. He will be speaking on Sunday, May 7th at 7pm about his work in the context of the political situation in Palestine. Please join us at the Buchan Reception Hall of the First Unitarian Church, 1226 SW Salmon Street, Portland. See our event Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/257822398016760/ Mohammad is a talented cartoonist based in Ramallah and a former political prisoner in Israel. His work has been lauded by leading political cartoonists worldwide. "Each of Mohammad Sabaaneh's powerful drawings is like a gut punch that gets straight to the essence of the stark reality of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation. This is how an artist resists." Joe Sacco, author and illustrator whose books include Palestine and Footnotes in Gaza You can read more about Mohammad at: http://justworldbooks.com/authors/mohammad-sabaaneh/