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Way to go Portland Black Block!!

Proud of yourselves?
Did Black Block take the status of of others into consideration when they/you decided to hijack an event that you took no part in planning?

Why did BlBl not begin vandalizing any other part of the city? Why did you/they decide to piggy back on a peaceful family event and cause police to tell them to leave the area when you starting throwing you tantrums?

And so what cause did you further today? Why are you such terrorists? Because in combat, wars are won by whoever is the most terrorist.

You guys are the worst of any movement. What did you accomplish today?

Statist Shill (SS) 01.May.2017 19:09


Pity that one chooses to bitch and whine over "MUH FAMILY PARADE MARCH", instead of seeing what is truly wrong here. Crying over others choice of tactics, yet conveniently ignoring REAL accounts of terrorism in our society. It's at least nice to see that the statist Hillary supporters and police lackey apologists have had their feathers predictably ruffled.

PDX Mayday 01.May.2017 19:48


a picture is worth a thousand words

Does anybody want a some water or a pepsi 01.May.2017 19:58

Good Vibes

None of the "families" were hurt or injured in the Mayday event [by the police = "because of the blbl"]

You are right .-. 01.May.2017 20:32


A picture IS worth a thousand words...

What Kind O Orwellian Re-Spelling Is This? 01.May.2017 21:34


blbl is really blbl!!!

What? 01.May.2017 21:37


BlBl is really BLBL!!!

Lol. 01.May.2017 21:37


btw there's no letter "K"

in Bloc

"BlacK Bloc" Prevents Protests 01.May.2017 21:47


Black Bloc is nothing more than police agent provocateurs. Just a Deep State weapon to destroy dissent.

blues 01.May.2017 22:33

more of a deep subject than a deep state

it is not a simple as one sentence on pimc to describe this tactic

Blues at It Again... 29.May.2017 11:54


Blues is an old time right winger who used to post misogynist videos on the web. I think he considers himself a libertarian... as least for white people and men. Brave young persons in dark clothing are the best hope for a future deterrent to Trump's vision of a police state. Even now, police escort "libertarian" crazies like Jeremy Joseph Christian to disrupt demos even though he often made felonious threats.