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Venezuela Presents Human Rights Development Program

In a televised speech held at Caracas' Oil Well Security Headquarters in front of operators, researchers, managers, emergency personnel, foreign embassy staff and officials concerned, Venezuelan President Maduro on Friday presented a 2x23mn barrel development aid program projected to improve the human rights situation under the Trump administration in Unitedstates. The package is directed at specific recipients in the political backyard of alternative-left impeachment succession candidate Sanders; thereby aiming to break the chains of commercial domination over the political process in the multiplier breeding state.
Maduro said in the speech that his intent was to help emancipate his country's Northern brethren in order to achieve an appropriate unification of the two half-continents under the banner of independent socialism and form an united regional group in the world body through the achievement of complete denuclearisation of the Western hemisphere. The Venezuelan president emphasised his intent to be all alternative forces' closest ally within the notorious oil cartel, of which some commentators say its strongest members treat their Unitedstates counterparts like dissidents there are used to. While Venezuela currently is experiencing an oil crisis with the cartel attempting to dump its most emancipated member out of the world market, Unitedstates society due to its currency and military abuses is still at large part living in an oil bubble, with even alternative forces remaining largely unaware of their government being turned into a janissary stooge.

In front of a long row of drilling site, port, refinery, stock exchange floor, international and foreign institution footage watch screens, Maduro said that he had taken samples of watching North American grass roots dissidents on some of the countless national video broadcast channels and found an educational need that could not be fulfilled by the ender generation there, because Unitedstates is a broken nation where inter-generational balance is limited to only a few families with no political balance upon them. Specifically, its post-nuclear generation, which never got to know anything better than meltdown news and agency presidencies, at large part appears helpless against the colonialist state ideology which likes to see a bite in any lion and a butcher in any communist, while itself pursuing a policy of throwing dissidents to the lions of the twenty-first century.

He stressed that the South was vitally interested in a healthy North, which would mean for the latter to overcome its moronic exceptionalism issue and find itself as one in many through the ideology of socialism in the spirit of the great late Fidel Castro, who helped his neighbour Eisenhower to face down his military-industrial complex, and the iconic Southern leader Ernesto Guevara who got martyred in SOA war crime. One example of the political illiteracy there that might explain some of the turbulences currently visible on the scene, Maduro said, is for example that this generation has largely forgotten of the war crimes its parents committed with chemical weapons, and therefore fails to see the mortal sins in Unitedstates making chemical accusations in international organisations, as well as to properly fulfil its dissident role. Maduro said that the development aid would take the form of advertising time purchased into video broadcasts in North America, and that the time would be filled with educational micro-clips of unaltered oil market footage selected by his OPEC handling department.

The Venezuelan president then emphasised to the crowd that this would fix two hooks with one screw - in a day and age when one multinational corporation swallowing another was bigger news than a statue of Lenin getting damaged in a fascist coup, political illiteracy required to be rolled back where it was most necessary, and the non-aligned sector in oil would obtain a stronger voice to expose the inner workings of the cartel to an interested public. For the sake of coherence of argument and policy, the amount of aid would not be defined in currency but in raw oil, to be sold with revenues funnelled into the educational advertising use. The president emphasised that in order to not bring about a geopolitical imbalance, the same amount would be given to sovereign Korea in raw material, to respect needs and capabilities in giving to both sides in their respective kind.

He argued that being familiar with the death toll of oil from the time before anti-communist hatred infected the North of the double continent, his country understood that at least some in the younger generation have begun to grasp that e. g. Palestinian tunnels are not Nazi autobahns, and that any assassination policy going for low-hanging fruit first is pre-configured to leave its pursuers with an enemy of butchers through hostile selection, whatever the matter of conflict may be. He said that having suffered the woes of the oil market for three generations in a row, including assassination policies, there was triple awareness thereof, while other members of OPEC did not even have oil-aware grandfathers, a key fact unknown to many younger observers.

Nicolas Maduro mentioned in detail one case in which a dissident was held hostage in the basement of a camera preacher, left with little more opportunity of learning about the real world outside the oil bubble than getting ever more sophisticated in parroting his father's style. For these oil orphans, he said, all the heritage from their European line is little more than brand names they attach to whatever fits the cost, without any awareness of history and its development. Whenever these kids asked their parents to make a change, they were told by all their professionals that nothing fundamental would change for another two-hundred years at least. Well, that is how long their evil empire has lasted so far. Now the fossil markets such as oil, gas and coal are the first places where it becomes evident that this is not true, and people are beginning to think about which changes could make sense, and may get to the point of figuring out which of the latter might work.

Maduro stressed that in accordance with the principle of non-interference, the Venezuelan state would not dictate any specific lessons, but instead provide working materials of the described kind that could be useful to substantiate any possible lesson with facts necessary to achieve inter-generational awareness of underlying real world problems such as the existence of an oil cartel. He added that development aid ought not reinforce or bring about dependency, and therefore only be applied in a form which respects the recipient's full sovereignty, though no illusionary excesses thereof, elaborating that directly sponsoring forces which could become parts of a development towards more human rights recognition there was too much association, and ignoring them in search of fully aware ones too little, while the educational hiring of advertising time allowed for transparency of both revenues and content.

He also elaborated in front of an ecological training room freshly put together to upgrade the skills and knowledge of officials, that although the content thereof was open even to foreign tourists, his government would not engage in ecological education but only provide advertising viewers with the professionally selected segments of raw footage already used for the training of Venezuelan oil managers. He joked that his officials could use the content sharing as a benchmark that their choices were not out of context or off the mark. He then added with a serious face that all such content would be marked accordingly to give it a transparent association at the first glance.

Sitting in the department's empty conference room with the flags of other oil-exploiting nations standing on the table, Maduro said that the new program also was meant as a compensation and reparation effort with regard to the crack Cocaine abuse vehemently pushed by the Unitedstates assassination policy as a means of discrediting witnesses and preparing some of the heavier war crimes. Among others, Unitedstates has deprived the people in the hemisphere and beyond of the indigenous Coca leaf, leaving them with inferior extracts of the powerful plant's complex substance mix or even substantially unrelated nomenclature surrogates, and made it a pretext in its assassination campaign.

Maduro stressed that while availability of the native species was a matter of international politics beyond oil, unlike other sacred herbs for that one an extract would always not only be worse than the whole thing but even worse than nothing, yet the human rights development aid might be able to bolster these elements of society that would otherwise be quenched by the collateral damage. He argued that chemical extracts of pharmaceutical plants of the described kind could be regarded like energy-saving light bulbs in comparison to classic glow-bulbs, providing only a part of the natural spectrum and leaving the rest to guessing, good enough for the toothbrush but not for the dinner table; and electromagnetically as active as a loose cathode ray-gun when kept too close to the human brain, while the glow-bulb despite using electricity is no more dangerous than a piece of charcoal even when it breaks.

He said due to the limited understandings of most of the members of the boom generation, fresh dissent in the Northern half-continent existed largely in a currency bubble, and in the worst case unaware of its scripted abuse by government agencies worse than any element of the oil industry in terms of compensating their inefficiency with cost excesses that would spoil the entire sense of appropriateness among officials. Leaving the national flags, he said that he was worried for his country to get a bit too deeply drawn into an abyss of violent competition, and in the true spirit of socialism, like Karl Marx did it in the book, would like to leave the last word to someone else. The man then closed his appearance with the international hand-gesture known as the Smiling Buddha, holding thumbs and fingers in circles like a yogi, and taking his hands to his eyes to see through himself.

address: address: Sunday, Apr 30th 2017

Hey Maduro, start with NOT murdering protesters 01.May.2017 12:06


There are MANY Nicolas Maduro apologists out there - he is incompetent. To them I say, stop blaming the US for your failed socialist, oil-drilling economy. Venezuela is a failure, let's hope it improves.