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May Day Actions 2017

Just a reminder that protests and other actions are planned for Monday May 1st... here in Portland and all over the country. And in the wake of both an illegal fake Trump presidency and nicer weather, massive turnouts are expected.
An anti-capitalist march is set to take place here on Monday May 1st. Open to the public, ALL are welcome except: police goons, Nazi/Alt-Right boot-lickers, and agent provocateurs. Meet-up is scheduled to take place at Shemanski Park in SW Portland at 1:00pm. This is a more radical march than the city-sanctioned permitted one which is scheduled for 12:00pm that day, same location. Attendees of the anti-capitalist march are encouraged to wear all black and mask up. While the Portland Police Gestapo will likely provide friendly and courteous escort service for the permitted march (much as they did for the Women's March back in January), a wholly different response is expected for the more radical one. Police abuses and excesses are guaranteed. When that happens, I will surely give a detailed report in the following days. Stay safe, lock & load, and KEEP UP THE RESISTANCE!

homepage: homepage: http://officerdowntp.blogspot.com/2017/04/may-day-actions-2017.html

Pics from today 01.May.2017 21:39


As expected, police response was way OTT, with heavily armed and armored gestapo occupying many intersections of down town Portland. Since I did not get dt until well after 4:00 today, I missed much of the action. But there were still many hundreds of citizens in the streets, and many cops. I witnessed one arrest - a woman in zipties being loaded into a police SUV behind City Hall. I'm sure I saw only a fraction of what took place today. Will be working on a more full report over the next few days. For now, here are a few photos I managed to take. Should give you a minor idea of what the scene was like.


The reason behind a protest 02.May.2017 03:32

Troy Prouty*

Protest isn't about destruction, it's not about trying to make police look like goons. it's to bring a message that you are standing up against power, but within that is a thing called respect for others (others meaning when you damage a car) who's car? Well you don't know.. a building? Who's building? you don't know. There is this thing called externality. it basically means a third party that gets caught up between two others. if protest is a sign of a movement in order to get more people towards that movement - it's a huge fail to get people to do that when you destroy their property for your cause for something they have little to do with.

When IMC came out it was used to protest the WTO and yes things often turned violent and ugly there as well, some on the police and some not so much. But the point is the world is ugly enough, destruction just makes it more so.

I'm sad that people can't have a simply rally anymore without radical people doing destruction interferes with it. it certainly isn't going to change "Corporate America" no matter how many citizen cars you destroy, windows you smash or trash can's you burn. Never has and never will.

Troy Prouty*