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A little too much MSM exposure for Alex Jones? No problem- A posse of America's "musical (bullshit) artists" will reinforce the Official deadly fairy tale that Muslims were behind the 911 attacks
Hey Kids! Muslims Did It! Let's all Sing Along!
Hey Kids! Muslims Did It! Let's all Sing Along!
So there's that lugnut "The Rock" removing earphones and feigning samadhi for CNN's latest salvo against 911 Truth. He's hosting a "special event" with a slew of musical performers that CNN (CIA) claims wrote "Anthems" about the event, even if they didn't realize it at the time. Of course Bruce Springsteen will headline with his sappy ditty about "my town" even though he's from Joisey, not New York. The idea that the 911 attacks might have possibly been an inside job has just never occurred to the "Boss" or Billy Joel or that other fake stoner Jimmy Buffet or Sting or ANY of the terminally bourgeois "musical heroes" of the post 911 era that refuse to risk even an iota of real curiosity about why those towers fell so neatly and perfectly into their own footprints, making a tidy 50 foot pile of debris to haul away. Exactly like controlled demolition down to the puffs of explosives visible in films of the tragedy. No Billy- don't question that pristine passport they "discovered" atop a pile of burning debris, or the fact that cell phones don't work at 35,000 feet no matter what the phony 911 Commission said. They were the Warren Commission II as far as any real investigation went. So sing your sad sad songs boys, and pretend to be true red blooded patriotic Americans while you still can. One day the truth will be plain to all about what really came down that ugly day, and all you idiots that actually showed faith in demonic bastards like Cheney and Rumsfeld and Powell and Bush when they told you Bin Laden did it. When they told you it's NORMAL that no Air Force jets responded for HOURS, you BELIEVED them. And The Rock as a host? LOL man! He makes a huge deal out of being some sort of role model for kids, a self-styled "superhero". Like a Mexican wrestling star on steroids. Well Mr. Superhero- all you are doing is perpetuating more evil upon the children of this country by kowtowing to the government's bullshit coverup of the traitorous crimes committed on 911 by American and NATO entities., The arrival of Trump signals the second phase of the 911 attacks- the complete annihilation of Syria, Libya, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. All of Israel's enemies seem to be on Trump's hit list for some odd reason. And 911 is the one and only excuse these cretins have to justify wrecking not only foreign nations, but destroying our own freedoms and rights here at home in the name of national security. Well Bruce and Billy- WAKE THE FUCK UP. The "Rock" is a hopeless sock puppet, but there may be hope for you yet. Try watching "Loose Change" for God's sake. Rock and Roll is supposed to be a vehicle for truth and justice. You guys have degenerated into the show-biz goons we used to laugh about in High School back in the sixties. Remember the 60's?