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White Cops Hold Innocent Black Kids At Gunpoint for No Reason!

In two simple words, this is the only way to accurately describe what took place here. Hell forbid this sort of thing should ever happen to White kids... no, wait. This sort of thing never happens to White kids!
Five Black boys were walking home in Grand Rapids, MI when they were suddenly swarmed upon by as many as eighteen cops and close to a dozen squad cars. The boys were ordered to the ground at gun point and held captive for at least ten minutes, according to reports. The pigs - all White gang members of the Grand Rapids Police Gestapo (GRPG) - were looking for suspects (older kids, apparently) who had been allegedly involved in a fight earlier that day. An anonymous witness had snitched to police that he saw this alleged fight and claimed that one of the youths involved dropped a revolver pistol. The group of five boys who were stopped and terrorized by these pigs were the wrong people, it turns out. The boys are ages 12 - 14. They all were heading back home from a nearby recreation center where they had just finished playing basketball. They were never armed, nor had done anything wrong. These children were/are completely innocent, and racist terrorist pigs pointed guns at them as if they were dangerous criminals.

This horrifying incident occurred on Friday March 24th, but police bodycam footage was only made public more recently. In the video, one pig (later identified as officer Caleb Johnson) is heard barking orders at the young boys, demanding that they lie on the ground and show their hands - all while keeping his service weapon trained on them while cowering behind the door of his squad car. The children, confused and scared to death, can be heard begging for their lives, asking what they've done, and saying they didn't want to die. Cops never tell these kids what they were accused of. Only after parents of some of the kids arrive on the scene, is it explained that police were looking for suspects in an alleged fight. A distraught mother of one of the boys who's visibly (and justifiably) upset is talked down to by a filthy White cop, as he "manspains" to her that he was just "doing his job". When a father tells another cop that his kids go to the park to play basketball and that's it, the dirty pig simply responds, "Wrong place at the wrong time, obviously". We have five very young kids who were outside playing ball at a park or rec. center within walking distance of their homes. They were doing exactly what would be expected of them as kids, and these goddamned pigs have the nerve to say that they (children) were in the "wrong place at the wrong time"?! Welcome to being BLACK in America - where you have no rights. No right to leave your home, no right to come and go and left be! Doesn't matter if you're innocent, a child, or whatever.

According to reports, cops eventually made an arrest in connection to that fight, later on. But it still hasn't yet been confirmed whether a gun was recovered, or whether a weapon was used or actually seen at all during the alleged fight. Meanwhile, Grand Rapids Sgt. Terry Dixon says that his officers "did nothing wrong". And the cops involved can also be seen in the video, patting themselves on the back for not actually MURDERING anyone that day. What a high bar police set for themselves. THANK YOU OFFICER, FOR NOT SHOOTING ANY LITTLE KIDS TODAY! All they did was falsely accuse and traumatize five innocent children, instilling in them very early in their young lives that cops are worthless pieces-of-shit that are never to be trusted nor dealt with. And avoided whenever possible! What a lesson...

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