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Social Security works. Don't let Trump destroy it

Not surprisingly, a strong majority of Americans support doing whatever it takes to ensure Social Security's future. A 2014 survey sponsored by the National Academy of Social Insurance found that 86 percent of those polled believed that "current Social Security benefits do not provide enough income for retirees," 72 percent favored "raising future Social Security benefits in order to provide a more secure retirement for working Americans," and 83 percent agreed that "it is critical to preserve Social Security benefits for future generations...
Social Security works. Don't let Trump destroy it
by Marty Hart-Landsberg
Street Toots, April 14, 2017

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Social Security is not in crisis. It is a strong program, and if necessary, a simple reform can ensure its continuing smooth operation for the foreseeable future. In fact, two bills have recently been introduced to do just that. The Social Security Expansion Act and the Social Security 2011 Act both include new taxes on high-income earners, higher minimum benefit levels, and use of a new senior-oriented consumer price index for calculating yearly benefit increases. The Social Security Expansion Act is projected to extend the system's solvency by 60 years; the Social Security 2011 Act by 75 years.

What does need our attention is the broader workings of our economy. Among the most pressing issues is the disappearance of secure, well-paying jobs. In fact, a growing number of analysts worry that the labor market has become so bad for workers that we may be facing the end of retirement; low pay and the lack of benefits will force people to work until they literally drop. That we have come to this point is the real crisis.

Martin Hart-Landsberg is a professor of economics emeritus at Lewis and Clark College. Street Smart Economics is a periodic series written by professors emeriti in economics for Street Roots.

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Agreed... 24.Apr.2017 10:05


Trump campaigned on a platform to keep Social Security as it is. However, he is a member of the party that has been determined to steal it from the people who have been contributing for decades. Though while the Democrats have been giving more lip service to preserving SS they've been reaching into the kitty also, the result is that it has been "borrowed" against by Congress, well it's actually a little more complicated that that (go here:  link to blogs.marketwatch.com), but the reality is that there are powerful interests that want to dump our SS funds into the stock market which will result in an inflation that will make wealthy investors and big banking interests even wealthier but make it vulnerable to the vagaries of the world markets. Trump may personally want to keep Social Security as it is but he is already waffling on the subject of immigration so he's likely to capitulate on Social Security also, there's just too much money involved and he's just a President.

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