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The downfall of Oregon Governor Kate Brown

Friday, April 21, 2017 When the very highest ranking state government official refuses to comply with state and federal laws to save many innocent lives from the worst law enforcement officers it is time for WE THE PEOPLE, to mandate the resignation with our successful action since 2006.
Friday, April 21, 2017 Jerry Atlansky Founder/Chairperson United States Police/Oregon State Police- Independent Citizens Review Board In 2005 in Sandy, Oregon a young man while driving became inflamed with serious burns at the top half of his body, he striped off all of his cloths. People that witnessed his challenge after he lit a cigarette with an unsecured gas can, called to be transported to a hospital burn center. A Sandy Police Officer and a Deputy Sheriff of Clackamas County first used a stun gun as the police officer didn't want any blood poison. Then both officers shot and killed the young man. The officers report was the young man made a threat on their lives. On record by the attorney representing the young man received 12 witnesses stated they didn't here any threat made by the young man. Remember The Kaady Case that won a civil rights issue against both officers. Update to 2006 when I communicated with the Oregon State Police top trainer, Lt. Fred Duihit I asked for their policy when an officer sees an officer repeatedly beating a restrained innocent person, without delay the officer must assist in the arrest of the person and report the incident up the chain of command. Not until I stated if that was one of your loved ones would you just watch them being beaten to death? Now there was a silence, then Lt. Duihit stated I need to take two steps to get that changed. Months later I was made aware they changed their policy, but not until I contacted the Superintendent Ronald C. Ruecker Oregon State Police, the Governor, Ted Kulongoski, the state Attorney General Hardy Myers stated you made the right steps, but we can't assist you and lots of luck, then we contacted all Oregon legislators of both houses did we receive a letter from Rucker, We don't have what you are looking for, here is our use of deadly force policy and that ends our communication with you. The Oregonian Newspaper quoted the words, "for the betterment of our members, Oregon State Police, my family and the community I will resign on December 1, 2006. Shortly after our final determination letter against Rucker a Portland Police Officer in 2006 Repeatedly Beat/kick James Chasse Jr. to death as he may have urinated against a wall. Chasse was a special needs non-violent, restrained innocent person of any felony when the officer murdered him. The Chasse family won the civil case, the officer is still an officer and didn't serve one day in prison. In 2007 The Oregon Senate Bill 111 Law Enforcement Use of Deadly Physical Force passed with a mandated to be in full force, July 6, 2008 and in an emergency status with our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement Use of Deadly Physical Force as described right here. The Program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement; 1. When a law enforcement supervisor or line officer see an officer use of excessive force at a restrained innocent person, they must STOP the officer and report up the chain of command full details up to the highest ranking official for possible retraining, professional therapy and other steps to not repeat any excessive force in the future. 2. Officers that witness an officer repeatedly beat/kick or start to shoot to death a restrained innocent person must STOP & ARREST the illegal actions of the offending officer. If said actions contributed to the death of the person the officer will be charged with alleged murder and at a federal criminal trial, NOT a Grand Jury as the prosecutors have a direct conflict of interest favoring the officers that work daily to build cases against the public for many felony cases. 3. New Policies, training, in classrooms and mock incident action, accountability and our organization will monitor said training up to each new police cadet, certified officers will have agreed their basic training was lacking the specific steps herein, and to sign their names the will do their very best to protect all people from brutality and murders. 4. Please Google: Police Use of Stun Guns and find that just on three pages with many footnotes as the powers-to-be condensed from 23 pages first, respected national/international organizations cited it as "Torture." A 12 major U.S. Cities research per medical examiners cited over 500 murders were contributed by the Police Use of Stun Guns. Young children, the senior citizens, pregnant women, non-English speaking people, deaf people, people with mental challenges and people with heart problems. Thousands of officers have reported that the stun guns were not effective. Since 2006 we made available new equipment called Talon a giant net that is launched 50 feet in 3 seconds that can catch a person holding a sharp or heavy object with a non-lethal equipment. Our organization trust that the vast majority of officers do a good job, some excel on and off duty and credit is also given to most retired officers that make their streets and neighborhoods safer, but we must continue to now up to 17 top officials were forced out of office with the highest ranking was Eric Holder former United States Attorney General for not starting our law to all federal law enforcement agencies to save thousands of innocent lives nationwide. Without millions of public members of the public state and nationwide to continue in contacting their top officials to just state, START THE LAW OR RESIGN TODAY! We reply to all emails in just hours as we are all volunteers and self-funded since 2006. Your faithful activist, Jerry Atlansky jmatlansky@gmail.com,

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