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Portland AntiFa: What Is Your Opinion of Berkeley AntiFa?

how do you evaluate the recent street actions, effectiveness of the California bloc?

( demonstrations against Milo, upcoming are a few more, etc. )

and if any of you, based here, happened also to be there in California over this past week or a couple months ago please provide input.

also some recent related topics on this Newswire for your comment -
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(video) Trump supporter beaten with skateboard at Berkeley rally

god damn 19.Apr.2017 00:29


Blurry Lines & Info 18.Apr.2017 18:47
CrissCross Opinion link

Antifa is out to stop white supremacist / WN.
If a Trump supporter is a WN then there is a good chance the "Trump supporter" might get in the crosshairs of the antifacist movement. When articles or videos paint with a broad brush then the details and the lines get blurry. I'm not a Antifa member, so I can't speak for them, but I don't think being a "Trump supporter" automatically puts you on their list of bad peoples who need a nazi-punch or a skateboard. If that's how it looks in the surface I suggest digging deeper into the story to really sort out what happened.

"god damn " / "I'm not a Antifa member" 19.Apr.2017 08:54


Portland AntiFa: What Is Your Opinion of Berkeley AntiFa?

Much Needed Footsoliders 19.Apr.2017 17:33


They do great work. We need their alliance more than ever now!