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Eugene: nazi watch

At least two nazi skinheads seemed to be looking for trouble in Eugene, OR, Saturday afternoon. This is an eyewitness account.
I was walking back from the park blocks and saturday market, downtown on broadway, when just another white guy came out of one of the stores yelling something I couldn't immediately decipher. He was just ahead of me, and as he walked, curiously not turning around, just keeping his attention forward, i heard him say one of the nazi phrases. He kept walking, solo, until entering a food store.

Someone else on the scene said that they saw another nazi skinhead in another part of town, earlier.

Others took off pretty quick, which I was actually surprised at, expecting them to yell something "off the cuff" at this lone obviously strategically-challenged dupe.

As i slowed my walking behind the openly-gestulating nazi, I noted he had TAPE wrapped around his knees and his ankle-area, outside of his jeans. Was this to keep leg and knee armor in place?? He also wore a dark bandana, and a dark coat. But no sunglasses.

I've heard that Whiteaker neighborhood folks have been spending more time around the downtown public library since it is claimed that their is recruiting (for fascist-type groups in general) going on there. I have not personally seen anyone watching over there, but that is okay with me. Better that they are cammo'd.

Who else might be seeking folks like me whom have witnessed these fools' antics personally, to add somehow to any continuing response and/or presence? i regularly work on the streets, seasonally, but up to this time i have never seen any nazi walking solo and yelling nazi phrases. In fact, i have never heard nazis yell their bullshit publicly, at all. I *think* I've seen them at other times, but they sported no open insignia or other info that would have spoken their intent.

What do you think they are up to? Testing the waters for something else? Why send lone fools like that into town? Could COINTELPRO be up to something as well, using them as pawns as per routine?

commentary section
In the bigger picture, Eugene is likely under some sort of federal program to covertly destabilize all the good happening here. So, just like they do abroad, federal covert actors (including pre-trump) most certainly have a hand in domestic issues (as Angus MacKenzie, author of
Secrets: The CIA's War at Home - 1999, helped reveal).

That's my take also of what happened with the loudly sexist ranting that apparently happened to quite a few downtown women. Men who looked homeless (i.e. fit the stereotype), traveling through, it was believed. They had dogs with them, and those dogs were often in fight mode.

So then you have the masses (via the media) hyping up against ALL HOMELESS people. That's an interesting thing in itself.

Yes, many "street" people are intense. You come out of the realities of institutions and bureaucratic mindsets, and you would be crazy too! You would be INTENSE too!

And yet, my experience of lots of homeless folks (on summer weekend nights, as well as at some of the winter shelters this last winter) is that they keep to themselves unless provoked. And that's a clincher for this article.

How do we know that all the women complaining about stupid behavior had NOTHING TO DO with their intensity?? Maybe they were minding their own business or maybe they weren't. That's something else that seems missing from the discussion.

Sure, you have the drunken reality of a weekend night added to that, some of whom look homeless, *breaking settler rules* by *expressing their symptoms too freely* and seemingly seeking *to yell through the social armor* of the rest of us, and bring us back to a better place of more meaningful heart-centered relating. At least that's my pronoia-oriented feeling on the matter!

Some do get "out of control" too, I won't deny it. I have to deal with 'em all the time. A constant surge of internally-flailing men, all worked-up and seeking SOME KIND OF RELEASE.

Return of the Pynk Panthers?
And, yeah, it would be fucking awesome if there were some kind of communal, informal, "guardian angel"/"pynk panther" (the latter, a la Queer Nation of the '90s)-type social defense squad taking the time to back folks like we downtown street workers up. Or at least have a number we can reach. Anti-authoritarian, yeah! Anarchist? Yeahh!

For now, I've steered clear of city politics, being really more of a newbie ...and expecting others would already be "in place" to take the steam out of this seemingly bald anti-homeless hysteria-mongering. But then the city, which oft calls for input, made it illegal for ALL unhoused people to have their dogs with them downtown! Hmmm. How did THAT happen?

Probably had to do SOMETHING and that seemed like the least "worrisome" thing. Eh? Anyone else agree with my intuition here?

We could come to the conclusion that "People are just Stupid", and that's WHY so many seem to so "HATE" homeless people that they go along with SCAPEGOATING THEM; but that's the game UNDERNEATH all the emotional-button-pushing, in my and many others' institutional analysis.

The media (yes, even the hallowed "liberal" or "alternative" high-circulation media) are in place to get us believing that they can obtain (and currently hold a monopoly on) "the public's voice", when the reality is more about hyping and mobilizing unwary people to do the so-called bidding of the usual idiotized elites and their Misery Loves Company.