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The benefits of carrying fake guns

What are the benefits of young people carrying a concealed fake gun?
It seems that more adults are carrying fake pistols but it's not clear why? I won't list the reasons for not carrying a concealed fake gun since it is obvious.

Fake info? 14.Apr.2017 14:46


Not sure at all, what you are bringing up or referencing here.

are you talking about the well publicized recent incidents, where persons have been shot in encounters with law enforcement because the police believed they were carrying a gun - and later discovered to only have been brandishing a _toy_ gun?

There are no 'benefits' to carrying around a toy gun, except when playing as a child / with other children.

If you have some sort of idea that, carrying a toy (aka "fake") gun will actually 'protect' (?) oneself in a defensive weapon scenario,
or the 100% mistaken idea that if you encounter the police with such a gun they'll automatically-instantly 'understand' that you have a toy/"fake" gun then there is a high likelihood you'll pay for such mistaken beliefs with your life.

You'll additionally quite likely pay with your life, if you're carrying around a toy gun and run into a deadly force/criminal situation where an actual working firearm is needed.

Toy guns don't "scare" anyone (i.e. they don't-can't 'protect' you) in an actual deadly force/criminal situation, and cops will never "automatically recognize" your gun is fake.

If you require or are seriously interested in self defense:
Get a real gun and along with it, obtain some legitimate firearms and/or self defense training with that firearm.

State of Oregon requires that you obtain a permit (CHL, per ORS 166.260) in order to concealed carry a pistol - if you intend to carry the gun concealed on your person, in public.

Open carry is legal in Oregon, but is "frowned upon" by the more urbanized communities of the state. i.e. if you don't live in a community where open carry of firearms is commonly/regularly practiced by other citizens, you'll likely get 'attention drawn to you'.

p.s. Brandishing 14.Apr.2017 15:41


(to my knowledge...) There isn't a specific Oregon statute which concerns brandishing of a firearm in public.

However, lawyers juries and judges can possibly use and be swayed/influenced by ORS 163.190, which is Menacing with physical violent intent; this is a Class A Misdemeanor.

i.e. if you were brandishing any object (including 'toy' or real gun) with the clear intent of physically harming another person.

It would all depend on the situation; obviously if you "threatened" someone -- presumably an unarmed person, otherwise you wouldn't live to tell about what happened after that -- with a toy/"fake" gun... unless your lawyer could 100% prove 'self defense' (?) in your favor with regard to that action, then prepare to be sued, or sentenced by the judge in court.