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Help Protect Columbia River Salmon! Oppose the World's Largest Methanol Refinery in Kalama

Help Protect Columbia River Salmon! Oppose the World's Largest Methanol Refinery in Kalama, WA
Submit a comment to the Washington Department of Ecology
Concerned citizens throughout the Pacific Northwest are working to stop the world's largest methanol refinery, proposed on the Columbia River in Kalama, WA. If built, this project would refine "fracked" gas into methanol, which would then be shipped to China for manufacturing plastics and to burn as fuel. The project was previously proposed in Tacoma, but was relocated to the Columbia River due to strong opposition from Puget Sound-area residents.

Methanol is toxic to fish, so a spill at this giant refinery could be devastating to Columbia River salmon stocks. This would have ramifications for the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and beyond. We've worked hard to restore salmon runs to the Columbia River and its tributaries in the Columbia River Gorge. This project is a direct threat to the progress we have made.

This single project would consume more"fracked" methane gas than any sector in Washington's economy. The refinery would also rationalize building new gas infrastructure, opening the floodgates for gas refining and export in the state. Increased fossil fuel extraction and use would worsens climate change and further endanger human health and the environment.

The best way to stop this threat to the Columbia River is by getting critical permits for the refinery denied. The Department of Ecology has until April 20 to reject the Shoreline Substantial Development Permit, a critical land use permit for the Kalama Methanol refinery. Without this permit, the company proposing the refinery, Northwest Innovation Works, Kalama LLC, cannot operate.

Please send a comment urging the Department of Ecology Director, Maia Bellon, to stop this project!
 https://tinyurl.com/n2pdhp6 (Tiny URL for Comment Link)

Friends of the Columbia Gorge is the only non-profit dedicated entirely to protecting the Columbia River Gorge. Since 1980, we have worked to keep the Gorge a national treasure, now and for future generations. Visit us at: www.gorgefriends.org.