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Ramsay Discusses Milloscope Development

"This week's Armchair Hour talk has the issues of the state terrorism against local dissidents in the aftermath of the nuclear waste irregularity and the massive losses in bee populations found by harvesters."
"Although administrators here claim to have taken the abandoned nuclear waste back, there is no independent proof because the alleged effort failed to involve independent witnesses. It must be assumed that the claim has no more validity than the likewise assertion that doing so required covert action. Very obviously it did not, and due to this deception and failure there is no independent verification of serial numbers or the like."

"All the more telling is that this occurs only now after an anti-burglary window-maker in the area offered an unlimited seven weeks cancellation period parking permit on a silver plate to be painted on the ground next to its truck entrance gate, arguing it could not any more be seen as a mere handling practice for provincial administrators. A day later it was announced that the nuclear waste was no longer in the area, although it had been seen moved only by a short distance after earlier such claims."

"It seems whoever haunted by their guilt has got to hide something from the public which after all bears the environmental and other cost of the expendable nuclear luxury. And public includes all these yet unborn who access this in the archives when looking back at this decisive year of the world war and what it meant at the time. And we the contemporaries are interested to see just right now these shapes of it that will only become evident from a great distance. Welcome Ras Ramsay."

Ramsay: "What it means is the transition from a passive anti-meddling approach to an active one. We must no longer only defend ourselves against our enemies, but go after the enemies. By taking on the nuclear waste irregularity, Miller did just that. They had attacked him before that, and after he fought back for the sake of others, and unknowingly himself as well, their attack went more reckless. But this time they happened to punch into a hornet's nest. Ecological Hornets of course."

"Eco-Warriors in the sense of treetop platforms not agrofuel tanks. Our enemies got stung back by the triple public awareness. And plenty. Now is the point to go on the offence and eradicate the evil from the source. It is the same with nuclear waste. That problem also only can be permanently solved with an approach preventing it from its source. The best nuclear waste storage is an uranium finding never mined. Before you jump into a race where to get rid of the stuff, forget the localisation details and learn how Mother Nature did it, after she inherited it from the making of the stars. And let it be there."

"The enemy responded in an ever more crazy manner because it got shocked by the fact that by simply taking care of Mother Nature the man was challenging them on what they would perceive as their own ground, although in fact it belongs to the commons. And they could not cope with the situation that not only was he going on the offence, he was doing so by means of a step which stands symbolic for going on the offence. This is just as if you are telling a yelling madman to shut up in a needle-drop voice whose content he can only get to by holding a breath."

"Of course the entire art of this whose effort no one gets to notice from a distance is to get the idiot to want to hear what you say while not wanting to hear what you say. Miller did and the result is they did what every sane being can predict about them, they exceeded their own unscrupulousness more and more until everyone's safety got threatened, and the masses started paying attention, and the perpetrators got to feel uneasiness over their own imagination of an avalanche of awareness, and that calmed them down a little bit."

"He did exactly the right thing. When someone would be driving a nuclear reactor with that pattern you would have to insert the absorption rods. That's the kind of people who fail to meet the standards for a reactor operation engineer, their employers get them to tamper with the lives of their opponents. Miller can just smile about enemies so lowly that they collectively behave like an infant in tantrum who was taught that its toy is toxic, and in response throws it into the messenger's backyard. I would not even trust them with an used car. Even if it is in order, if they want to donate it to you today who knows whether not some distraction might get them to want to have it paid tomorrow?"

A. H.: "The nuclear industry fights its own grandchildren."

Ramsay: "The story is quickly told. It was Winston Miller's grandson who put a small version of a Milloscope into his Milloscope, made from a little puppet microwave oven taken from retail trash where the marketing gift of a powder soup conglomerate had ended up after the family packs that included it remained on the shelves; plus control hardware taken from a train floor. The output result was a text that would tear your heart out, or more precisely about getting your heart torn out alive in a barbarian rush."

"Of course you can grow it out for God to take care of it all by yourself if the humane environment is suitable for it, or more precisely the creation, meant in terms of no creature matching the Creator, but this was about an effort of the kind of pulling on the grass to make it grow quicker, or trying to force the Sun to rise by shooting at the horizon. In this case, pulling on the live organ like mad to make it turn its inside out ahead time. And that forced sunrise all painted on the background of one of the crassest poetic metaphors out there, so to speak."

A. H.: "What has the application of the Milloscope upon itself have to do with the nuclear industry?"

Ramsay: "It is said that only beetles survive nuclear war. If I were to call you a heart beetle, what does it mean, a symbol of hope and survival or a threat to the heart? I could even use the term with deliberate ambiguity, leaving it to my audience to decide, with myself only spelling their whims upon you. I could roll out swaths of pseudo-scientific apology capitalising on the distinction whether the dots are on a red or on a yellow background and the consequences for the epidemiologist. It would border the biological warfare atrocities of the mid-twentieth century and the traumata they left upon children who had their imagination exposed to them."

A. H.: "These people are defusing the war in depth, and hence the military-industrial complex is unloading upon them?"

Ramsay: "Your listeners are going to like it. But please get at a professional distance to that microphone even when the issue is really moving you from your very very inside. What you can see here is that grandfather and grandson are pursuing the same technique. Miller junior invented a way to actually get the milloscope - that's how his peers came to call it - kind of take a picture of itself, which is a huge leap from all earlier self-application efforts. Miller senior did the same with the military-industrial complex, whose trash marketing give-away the nuclear industry is."

A. H.: "Now I understand nukes!"

Ramsay: "Now you understand nukes. And the observation is, instead of resolving its grave issues with nuclear material, the military-industrial complex is attempting to meddle in our affairs with the most disgusting and despicable fraud aiming to change our focus to anything different. To make this understandable for Americans, maybe it requires a cultural reference. There was this great young singer, in the North-West if I remember correctly, and he really caught what they are calling their American Spirit - with capital S - there with all his senses."

"I say was, because he died of identity abuse many years ago, before they turned into our enemies as well. And he said identity abuse is just as if you take the other's feelings about their identity and put them on your brain like a shotgun. If you pull the trigger, and that gun is loaded with system manager privilege access, then you end up in a blood splatter. So don't try even without such load. Identity abuse is hate crime, because to the perpetrators it is more important to lie about their motivations than to make any material gain, as opposed to greed crime."

A. H.: "Can you offer a milloscopic view of the entire government contractor mess?

Ramsay: "As the saying goes, the wanderer carries the stick and not the stick the wanderer; the exception affirms the rule. That is easily understood once you realise that everyone is looking at the stick. Having this kind of enemy is as if the exception changed the rule and the stick walked its carrier. If you have to argue about that then you know that you do not have the proper preconditions for going blind into unknown territory, or any apocryphal term you might use synonymously, which requires to open the mind before opening the eyes in order to get at the details that are only perceivable to the heart. But already before that journey really may take off it becomes obvious that without any adorable limitations the stick insists on walking the wanderer and enforcing a reversed perception. In other words, their vanity is more important to them than our interests and the lives of our loved ones."

A. H.: "There is no love in democracy?"

Ramsay: "The heart of the democratic state is a nuclear reactor. Or another monopoly power speculation aiming at its replacement; the exception affirms the rule. You may find democracies without reactors but they have foreign military bases instead. There is no love in nukes. There is no love in the military-industrial complex. I would sum it up like this: There is no true choice in democracy."

"Despite triple catastrophe, the necessary roll-back of the nuclear industry is stalling. Governments who delayed phaseouts promised to their voters until anti-nuclear activists would begin giving them advance votes cannot be expected to stick to their collateral suggestions. There is no such feeling in democracy. Or more precisely, any choice therein is false because that system is corrupted. If there was any love in it, then someone representing it would be speaking out against this ghastly abuse."

A. H.: "The silence is deafening."

Ramsay: "It is the multi-generation unity that really repels the military-industrial complex. On one hand these heinous covert attacks on cemeteries and homes of political dissidents are an unforgivable aggression, as can be seen from the confusion they cause, on the other one they are a pathetic last-ditch effort. The morons figured that they will never, I repeat, never convince anyone; and respond to the breakdown of their scare tactics with a shrill escalation thereof, like that girl in the web video said, clinging to their grave aberration as if they were just suffering a neurological failure."

"This is so because they are seething that they cannot get between generations, which is what they want. They want to destroy families by speaking to the mother in the voice of the daughter and to the daughter in the voice of the grandmother and so forth, until the families collapse as if they were towers they had built. But with the Miller family they came to bite on stone. And that even though the middle generation Miller is not interested in these technical issues at all, but only in his botanic garden and social standing."

A. H.: "Millstone of course. And now for the news. What has happened at Bakersfield?"

Ramsay: "What you see in the aftermath handling of the dry cask truck is a showcase example of political wavering. First the attempt to keep the issue under the lid and the dangerous cargo in the neighbourhood, based on a bet that no one would be paying attention, and after people started paying attention an u-turn without an u-turn so to speak towards an attempt to get the issue out of the light and the dangerous cargo out of town as in a theft. That is a kind of policy that is more of a self-referential reversing of itself than an issue-referential policy."

"We must assume that this particular dry cask trailer might be way more dangerous than others, maybe it got a more toxic or more corroded content or both. Or maybe it is a fuel rod set which has a dead body of a worker stuck in between that fell in years ago and never could be properly removed and regularly buried due to the radiation issues. It could be anything, even without the knowledge of the quitter driver. What is for certain, whoever designs this dropped scalability preparedness. This tactic cannot be generalised to all the nuclear waste currently in circulation. It is stupid design."

A. H.: "You mean like the European Union on genetic manipulation and its byproducts, switching back and forth between allowing and banning it, although the promised gain in food security clearly is not worth the proven risk to biosphere integrity?"

Ramsay: "That is a good example to call into mind, although from a different context. But it underlines the role of corruption in the effort. What you can see in both is money dominating its owners to live only for it, and just with the same dishonesty with which they do that they also handle the issues that might make their money melt down, such as the dangerous malfunctions of their insane speculations to make more money. Let me say something on the link between the financial and the nuclear crises. First, financial crisis is when the money printing press runs hot, which it does, and nuclear crisis is when the spent fuel pools run hot, which they do."

"Second, uranium effectively has taken the place of gold in banking. Of course you cannot pay anyone in uranium, but what secures the external investor trust in a currency is no longer the attraction of a gold stash somewhere deep inside, but the reverse perception of a deterrence by a nuclear warhead arsenal. In other words, money is radioactive, the military-industrial complex is holding the currency hostage. Nowhere can this be observed clearer than where charlatans dictate fixed prices to governments for letting reactor corporations off the hook. There is no number for that. It could turn out to be anything. Filling in your parent's Marriage Day just to have some number is a bad idea."

"Besides that, it is necessary to liquidate the reactor corporations for clarity reasons. A spent corporation is not like an used blackboard that could serve a new purpose, but like an old cloth that will rip apart again and again in the spots where it is most difficult to repair. You can cut up the reactor corporation for patchwork, and reuse the management office furniture in the infant food advice service point, the reactor building floor lamps in the hygiene museum and the plant's gardening subcontractor as a storm damage handler, and so forth, but the brand name and business sign are reserved for the waste storage, and not to be reused for let's say wind park marketing or the like, just to make that unequivocally clear."

A. H.: "Can we not put the nuclear waste into the central bank using the same rooms where the gold was and everyone would be happy?"

Ramsay: "No. The other way round. The failed currencies are going to be put with their nuclear waste, and the central bank will be obsolete. It could only be turned into a seed bank in case we were designing ever more species just like money as in the worst speculations of the genetic manipulation industry, and thereby make so much money that we were to take over the currency. You can only turn it into a genetically manipulated seed bank, and that is worse than none."

"To pick up on your question on the European Union, it is wavering on the issue because there are member states failing to enforce unequivocal public rejection. Of course, neighbouring governments then cease to take them serious with regard to the nuclear reactors and fuel pools along their fences. The same currency means the same nuclear waste. The industrial and the military one. That is why it is being called military-industrial complex."

A. H.: "The Bakersfield Incident is the proof that it does not work that way."

Ramsay: "In case you want still more. The Bakersfield incident is justification enough to get international atomic agents into Unitedstates and search all nuclear facilities for the missing trailer and storage unit to have an independent inspection of it. It is an occasion to point out that the International Atomic Energy Agency is not a Non Proliferation Squad when you need one. It is not really international although it is a declared amendment to the Unitednations organisation."

"It is currently disabled to provide advisory rescue in the Fukushima case because it is being led by a Japanese government pick, and no government can pull out itself out of the liability swamp. Even the often criticised human rights commission is more international when you have, for example, an Arab government pick investigating a Mexican government failure. Every nuclear incident is further proof that it does not work that way."

A. H.: "What would you get if you put nuclear waste into the milloscope?"

Ramsay: "Miller junior has actually done this in an one-time study, with a piece of medical nuclear waste, the third category thereof. More precisely, he put it into both versions of the self-application device. In the retail trash version, it produced a product description of an hairbrush with a manufacturer claim that unlike others it would not lose thorns from use. In the household item version, it produced a huge list of toxic factory waste, all of which non-radioactive but poisonous for environment and species, such as plutonium does not only kill by radiation, and allegedly contained in a specific area around the hospital where it had come from."

"For a counter-check, he then did the same with a bundle of boar hair collected from a forest in the wider Chernobyl aftermath zone. It produced a product description of a toy gun for children asserting scared parents from all directions that the plastic from which it was made was not emitting poison when being chewed upon, and a local fragment of a threatened species atlas listing which ones were in which danger including its causes."

A. H.: "And this is it. Time is over. After the news break, the other half of the Armchair Hour on the bee losses."