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JBLM Force Protection - The Most Evil One of All

On Friday, April 7th we will be in court to present oral arguments in support of our lawsuit against the JBLM Force Protection Division. We will win the case, but even so the most evil and dangerous among them will simply walk away.
For years, I have warned you about the JBLM DES Force Protection Division and the crimes they are committing against us. We brought a lawsuit against them, naming Towery and Rudd as criminal conspirators, along with several individuals in other agencies. However, we continue to miss the one among them who is the most dangerous and evil of all - Michael Chesbro.

Michael Chesbro, is a Russian working as a contractor for Thomas Rudd in the Force Protection Division. You can see here where I have been warning about him for years -  https://www.scribd.com/document/52569778/Michael-Chesbro-US-Army-JBLM-DES-Force-Protection Chesbro is assigned to the Force Protection Crime Analysis Unit, but focuses solely on computer crimes. Simply put, Chesbro is a Russian Hacker hired by Rudd to target your email and other online accounts. A little online research shows the truth of what I say, and I have provided more proof on my Twitter page @drimcalban. I have warned JBLM that Chesbro is a hacker with the Chaos Computer Club, and is probably a member of CyberVor responsible for multiple crimes, but JBLM refuses to listen to my warnings.

Why wasn't Chesbro named along with others in our lawsuit? Because we can't get an enforceable judgment against him in civil court. Any judgement we might win means nothing if Chesbro just gets on a plane and goes home to Russia. We are left with attorney's fees and court costs with no way to collect a judgment. Towery and Rudd however may choose to flee the state, but they can't outrun the judgement of the US Courts.

Do we let Chesbro just walk away? Hell No! Maybe we get a few guys together, get a couple of baseball bats, and teach that psycho son-of-a-bitch a lesson. Maybe if somebody killed that Russian spy they would think twice before signing up to commit crimes on behalf of JBLM in the future. Let's go spy hunting. 2007 Second Street, Room 38, JBLM, WA 98433.

Drew Hendricks = Government Agent? 05.Apr.2017 18:22


None of us in OPMR ever recall meeting Michael Chesbro or even recall hearing his name until Drew Hendricks started ranting about him online. But we know Drew Hendricks, a person who was a frequent source of disruption at OPMR meetings, and a constant cause of delay during OPMR actions.

Our case will be heard before the 9th Circuit Court on Friday, and we would almost certainly win based on the merits of our case. The government needs a distraction, something to draw the court's attention away from the facts of our case. Irregardless of the decision of the court, we want to make the entire case public, while the government wants to keep most of the case sealed.

Drew's crazy posts, rants, and conspiracy theories gives the government its distraction and a reason to ask the court to keep the records of this case sealed. Seriously Drew? Thomas Rudd hired a Russian hacker to post articles online and attribute them to you?

Drew Hendricks has done more damage to our case in the past week with his inane ramblings and wild conspiracy theories than the government and its army of attorneys have been able to do in years. If the court rules against us on Friday, the fault lands squarely in the lap of Drew Hendricks. If Drew isn't receiving a government pay check, somebody at JBLM should add him to the payroll.